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Is WebRTC really peer-to-peer if you need a server?

A while back I wrote a screen sharer that uses WebRTC and Gun.js for signaling [0]. Nowadays you could use IPFS's JS lib to do this (or webtorrent even). Now if both people are behind a restrictive NAT or something, you do need a TURN server.

0 - https://myscreen.live

As another commenter points out you can signal however you like, but even if a signaling server was required, it'd still be peer to peer since peer to peer accurately describes how the packets are routed over the network.

The server is for convenience.

If you can handle signaling in another way, you're free to do so.

When I played around with WebRTC the first time, I did it by copying the signaling data via TextAreas and WhatsApp.

I wish the FUD about UPnP would finally calm down so we can finally have at least some P2P connections without the need for a rendezvous sever.

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