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It sounds like it's time for some popcorn.

Excuse me, but if the problem is in overloading of local networks, popcorning full-quality vs streaming downsampled might revert their efforts in cutting traffic, which might be for a good reason.

Would you be so kind to pass some to me? Popcorn that is.

I would never risk suggesting people use the legal app popcorntime to pirate copyrighted material.

What is the advantage over good ol' fashion torrenting?

I guess I'm just an old timer....

Torrenting is on the way out, from what I (as a casual torrenter) can tell. There is just a lot less material available. Maybe it's better on private trackers, but I haven't been a member of one in 15 years, nor would I know how to access/be invited to one even if I wanted to.

Its on the way out for casual use but its still the primary method for enthusiast use, Its the best and sometimes only place to get flac/bluray quality and the only reliable place for console games.

Newsgroups and private indexers are generally the best option these days.

I've stopped using torrents 4 years ago maybe, because I discovered usenet will use up my entire connection for not just the new stuff, but also 10 year old movies/series. I've tested it on a server in a local datacenter to try remote plex streaming. It uses the entire gigabit connection from start to finish.

It isn't completely free like torrents though. You'll need to subscribe to a usenet provider for like $6/month and a newsgroup indexer for $10/year. The $80/year is worth it though. I've got it setup so my series automatically download (Sonarr) and whenever I want to download a movie I usually just look it up myself. I've had it automated in the past (Radarr), but it wasn't really necessary. My download client already renames movies and places them in the right directory anyway.

Its more automatic/streamlined. The app looks like an ordinary streaming website and all the torrent stuff is in the background.

seems to me like there's some concern over the latest edition of popcorntime in its subreddit, so I'd be wary of it for now.

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