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Jellyfin is really nice if you have a semi-powerful, wired-network machine to run it on. Former Kodi user, now a convert.

Kodi on an Rpi makes a good cast target for it, though.

I've gone for Infuse and Apple TV 4K, since I haven't been able to find anything as fast as the 4K Apple TV that's not an actual computer.

I am using Emby, since that seems to be the only one of those platforms that can handle IPTV

What is semipowerful, approximately?

The main thing is being able to handle transcoding for certain clients that need it. I’ve got it in Docker on an oldish workstation I bought for like $100 on eBay and threw an SSD in for the OS, but that thing’s surely serious overkill. If you’re only streaming to one or two clients at a time, being on a wired network and having hardware support for any codecs you’ll be dealing with are probably the most important factors.

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