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Isn't this sort of rationing exactly the thing that anti-Net Neutrality advocates have been warning about?

No, that would be the ISP playing "you can't use Netflix or Zoom unless you pay for Super Premium." This is the services themselves downgrading to handle the highest peak service they will ever see.

Not just that. Eyeball network ISPs also shake down companies like Netflix with extortionate fees when peering points are overloaded to upgrade the connection.

Net neutrality is the idea that your ISP shouldn't deprioritize content from someone else in order to benefit their own competing service.

For example, Comcast not counting their on-demand, over the internet, streaming against your data cap. Whereas watching Netflix/hulu/etc would count against it.

I don't think so. This is one company reducing the quality of their own content.

Can't tell if that "anti-" should be there or not...

There might be special circumstances afoot.

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