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This is a great list some of these APIs look pretty interesting and didn't know about them this is a great list.

Push notifications are becoming an irritation mainly because of their overuse. The number of sites where you go to them to have a look at one piece of information and you have to tell them no to push notifications is becoming quite an annoyance.

This was an example of where web developers really should've known better in advance. They literally coded an intentional new way for people to make popup ads, and it's the primary use of the web notifications API.

I regularly hear of complaints about spammy popups on people's computers, even when they don't "have the web browser open". And it turns out it's just stock Google Chrome, doing exactly what Google Chrome was designed to do: Pop up ads, that everyone has since started shipping ads through.

I believe Brave has them disabled by default or an option for it. It is a shame a good feature has been abused, but yes you are right it is to be expected.

There's a lot of those APIs that are awesome for corporate web apps ... but brutal on the web.

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