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Yes, it's such an obscure feature that many of the people who enable it don't even realize it... Ever since I added dark mode to gwern.net, I've been getting or seeing complaints about how my website is broken or 'defaults to black-on-white' (it doesn't). :(

Huh... It's weird to me that someone who has that enabled on their OS (even if they didn't realize it) would be upset about it on a website.

I've had a similar thing where people were complaining our app was in English (it was for a Dutch company), apparently people get confused about the preferences they themselves have set.

hey gwern, I personally really appreciate the dark mode support.

That's silly of them. The only problem I've noticed is that images are inverted when they shouldn't be (e.g. on hover or the enlarged view).

I enjoy the prefers-color-scheme support!

Looks like we need prefers-prefers-color-scheme

But then what happens when they forget opting into the opting in?!

In all seriousness, because people keep not realizing or forgetting, we're adding a 'theme switcher' little widget. I dislike the need, but lots of people genuinely like dark mode, and this seems to be the best compromise.

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