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Charity fundraiser job fair to help quarantined students (mlh.io)
19 points by jonmarkgo 3 months ago | hide | past | favorite | 8 comments

To clarify, from the page: this is an online career fair that charges recruiters to participate and donates the money to CDP COVID-19 response fund.

<<COVID-19 is an unprecedented situation causing events all over the world to change format or reschedule. Students are being sent home for the semester, and recruiters are on a travel hiatus. We've been hearing from community members that they still are looking for jobs, and not being able to meet recruiters in person is another wrench in the gears. The MLH Career Fest is our way of helping. While we are charging recruiters to participate in order to decrease attrition, 100% of the proceeds will be donated to the CDP COVID-19 Response Fund.>>

That's correct! We want to charge folks to make sure they'll show up and are actually committed to doing this, but do it for a good cause - 100% of proceeds are going to that fund.

Oh, hey! You're the guy who posted the thing and is hosting the thing. Great stuff.

Don't know if the post title can be edited, but it would have been clearer to me if it had said "Charity fundraiser job fair to help quarantined students find jobs (mlh.io)"

I posted the clarification b/c I clicked on the link and was confused for a minute scrolling around to find the fundraising aspect.

Good suggestion, just updated it!

Great way to give back to students impacted by the current situation! This isn't easy for anyone, but I'm sure it's created a ton of extra uncertainty especially for students. Shoutout to the MLH team!

Aww thanks. We're hoping it'll be helpful - so far students seem pretty stoked about it

MLH has created so much value for me through their affiliated hackathons. Great to see that they’re continuing to help students during these uncertain times.

What an amazing initiative from an ever impressive organization!

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