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What the heck is Backstage anyway? (spotify.com)
75 points by luord 71 days ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 9 comments

that thread is dominated by confusion about what backstage _is_. i'm hoping this thread will have some new insights.

Yes; perhaps that's why they made this article.

(Just to be clear, the reason for linking to previous threads is just to satisfy curiosity. If it were a dupe we'd mark it as such.)

That's cool and all, but it seems like it would be more fair for Spotify to spend its extra money actually paying artists.

I'd like a way to directly tip artists. Let me set a tip budget in my account and then give me a button push a few cents any time I listen to a song I really love.

This story describes it pretty well too:


My summary: Centralized portal to deploy microservices.

No need to go through GCP/AWS list of portals (config networking, ssh, etc.) and then get your Git account setup on that VM.

More accurate to say it's a centralized portal to all backend systems, including deployment, CI, documentation, code management, etc.

I think it looks nice!

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