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Honestly I'm worried about ordinary Russians, especially the older generation - check this link where people line up in droves to kiss an Orthodox icon: https://varlamov.ru/3830001.html

Navalny gets reports that people who are tested for Coronavirus are told the following: "The result will come in 10 days. We will not answer queries. If the test turns out positive, they will find you".

Meanwhile not a single person has been reported to have died in Russia even thought this country has a border with China and there is a huge interaction between the two countries.

The Russian government is not taking this seriously and will try to cover up cases. This will be Chernobyl all over again.

Chernobyl is notorious for being a Russian accident affecting the rest of the world (in addition to being a far worse local catastrophe). In this case, the rest of the world already has the problem. International travel is already restricted. Chernobyl isn’t the right analogy imho... It might be closer to one of the famines that Stalins caused though, which in that case was also semi-related to economics/industry rather than care for human lives

I don't think you fully understood the GPs analogy to Chernobyl, it's not because of the affect it had on the rest of the world...

It's how soviet pride and 'manliness' got in the way of public health and safety post disaster. Chernobyl happened, but the way it was handled and spun by those in charge as not so bad and "barely a concern, no need to evacuate" cost many lives.

States like Russia and China are so concerned with optics and how events like these make them week they opt for extreme secrecy above all rational measures. Until the mindset shifts to acceptance and disaster mitigation you can never trust numbers coming out of these countries. If you disagree with what I'm saying here I strongly suggest you watch the recent Chernobyl mini-series on HBO.

Yes, this is what I meant.

I'm don't know it is about manliness, but is definitely to show superiors and other stakeholders that you have things under control. This is very important in an extreme top-down organization of society like an absolute monarchy or a one-party state - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Potemkin_village

I remember a funny story from my home town in Bulgaria during the socialist era - the party secretary is supposed to land in a helicopter near a green field in the town center, but (horror!) the grass is yellow, burnt from the summer sun. So local functionaries painted it green. The next day the grass was completely dead, but the important guest wasn't there.

Imagine how the same people would react in an emergency with no instructions from the top, with no idea how their leadership will react or who will get the blame. A few years later, communist leadership in Bulgaria suppressed the news about Chernobyl and on the 1st of May huge crowds were gathered to participate in rallies, while radioactive rain was coming down.

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