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Back in "the good old days" you wouldn't dream of creating a website using anything but Java code and hosting it on your own server sitting in the back of your office: That required grabbing a $100k a year coder, a sys admin at at least $75k and costly hardware (and rent). These days you'd write the code in a language like PHP and outsource everything else with a cost of under $10k.

Something else we also tend to forget is that in 1998 the mere act of writing HTML was an overpriced and highly sought after skill in the hands of a very few. These days anyone from a child to a great grand parent can author a webpage without thinking about it by using Facebook.


In the good old days, (1998), no one used Java on the server side. Java Applets were still not dead, and Java on the server was still not really born.

Apache SSI and perl were kings. AOLServer+tcl was probably the best available (though only known and used by a small group).

Java? We're not talking about the same 1998

Apache SSI and perl were kings.

I think Matt's Script Archive was the face of that popularity. It still exists today http://www.scriptarchive.com/

Hah. At the very least problems with his formmail.pl gave many sysadmins job security for a solid 10 years.


Oh, definitely. If I had a dollar for every time I got burned by formmail.pl...

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