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Show HN: What should I include in my Covid-19 shopping list generator?
6 points by kossnocorp on March 16, 2020 | hide | past | favorite | 10 comments
I'm making a COVID-19 shopping list generator (covid.shopping) where you select a number of people, diet, the length of the quarantine and get a sharable shopping list.

What should I include?

Start with a justification for sharing. Don't cause a run on any of the food suggestions people are giving.

Be sure to allow large families. People can have over 20 kids, at least 4 generations in one house, or lots of cousins together. Some people even rent out rooms or live in a commune.

Good point, thank you!

ramen + bottled water + disposable bbqs




oatmeal ; oat porridge

pasta and dried cheese

tomato cans


+ yeast + breadmaker + batteries (+ hand-crank power generator)

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