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Thanks, but I'll stay with Email 1.0 for as long as I can. It is one of the last remaining corners of the internet that is not infested with all the human-hostile behaviors you call "features".

Centralized walled garden, bound to fail, or worse, acquired by some super-evil corp at any moment ("our wonderful journey"), packed with emojis, real-time information on who is looking at what worse than the Stasi and loss of control of your timeline is what EVERYONE ELSE ALREADY PEDDLES. These things are part of the problem, not part of the solution. For fuck's sake, leave email alone.

Why is everyone here so afraid of emojis?

As long as one does not go with gmail. Which is, sadly, what most people think IS email :(

It's a client (several), it allows other clients, and it does the SMTP, POP3 and IMAP thing. It filters spam and sorts things into enumerated named folders, and you can download everything and store everything as mbox files with attachments in a big-old folder, and still be able to locally elastic-search it all, or leave it on Google's servers and search through their web UI. Isn't that email-ey enough? If not, what's it missing?

I'm quite happy with Gmail... It doesn't have any of the negatives listed above.

Sure, it was not acquired by some super-evil corp but it was created and owned by one instead. That seems even worse (especially when considering that google was not evil in its early days, or at it was not widely known).

It is also willing to lock you out of your account and keep begging for your phone number (even if you haven't entered it previously) in order to unlock it.

Their name reeks of hubris. I hope someone challenges their right to brand themselves as Email 2.0.

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