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Characterizing and Optimizing the Serverless Workload at a Large Cloud Provider (arxiv.org)
28 points by ingve 14 days ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 1 comment

this paper reads well, and shows publicly some parts of "Function as a Service" on the Microsoft Azure FaaS platform, measured during two weeks of summer and subsequently analyzed. The stated purpose of the paper is to understand and discuss the actual use and performance of the platform, with the intention of optimizing power-vs-responsiveness tradeoffs. The paper carefully does not disclose some raw aggregate numbers, for competitive reasons.

The authors show a complex environment in a disciplined way, and take the time to work out a few tricky statistical measures to support the discussion. Efficiency is always a concern, so it is useful and productive to make studies like this to further the art. It appears Microsoft continues to renew their relationship with academic-like research on business implementations, and this is to be applauded IMHO.

No breath-taking revelations here, but rather a complete treatment of a somewhat tedious collection of stats that can refine the implementation of the FaaS platform.

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