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Show HN: RudderStack, open-source CDI (open-source Segment alternative)
12 points by soumyadeb 7 months ago | hide | past | favorite | 1 comment
RudderStack (https://github.com/rudderlabs/rudder-server) is an open-source customer data infrastructure (a.k.a open-source alternative to Segment).

We firstly want to thank the HN community for showing us love and support in our previous HN post (https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=21081756). At that point, we had just open-sourced the repo and were not fully prepared for a Show HN. We wanted to share updates since then and also do our official Show HN.

Updates since Sept 2019


1. Changed the name from Rudder to RudderStack :)

2. API compatibility with Segment

3. Open-source control plane so no dependency on the hosted control plane for open-source users. (https://github.com/rudderlabs/rudder-server/blob/config-gen/utils/config-gen/README.md)

4. Multiple hosting options: Docker, Kubernetes, Native, Terraform.

5. 30 integrations (https://rudderstack.com/) including cloud mode and device mode

6. Support all the popular data-warehouses & lakes - RedShift, Snowflake, BigQuery, S3, Google Cloud Storage, Azure Blob Storage (via MINIO)

7. Detailed documentation - https://docs.rudderstack.com/

8. Multiple production deployments including few really large ones (our largest deployment is sending a peak of ~40K events/sec, ~100M events/day)

9. Switched license from SSPL to AGPLv3 (after long discussions internally as well as on HN)

10. Built some interesting Analytics & ML use cases

11. Launched our “paid plans” (primarily around managed hosting)

Founder here. Happy to answer any questions

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