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> I use it to follow people

This is something I have a real need for. Specifically, podcast hosts. I want to follow certain hosts and listen to every random show they're on.

Some hosts do keep lists of their appearances across many shows: http://hypercritical.co/about/appearances/

But that forces me to manually find the episodes and add each one to my podcast app.

I want something that aggregates appearances into a cross-podcast RSS feed that I can subscribe to in my app. Automatically subscribe to every one of their appearances.

This is a brilliant concept. Hosts could keep a feed of their appearances, but it would be interesting for someone to make a site that tracked this sort of thing (using user-submitted links I suppose).

https://huffduffer.com/ is another good discovery/bookmarking tool for podcasts. It has RSS feeds for everything on the site including custom searches that could potentially pick up your favorite contributors. The bookmarking functionality also makes it easy for you to quickly add things you find to one or more followable feeds for the one-off guest appearances you may hear about. (Originally posted at boffosocko.com/2020/03/21/55769517/)

You should take a look at Listen Notes[1] and maybe talk to wenbinf[2,3].

[1] https://www.listennotes.com/

[2] https://github.com/wenbinf

[3] https://news.ycombinator.com/user?id=wenbinf

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