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Show HN: Fraidycat (fraidyc.at)
807 points by kickscondor on March 11, 2020 | hide | past | favorite | 150 comments

So I built this - and its initial purpose was just to help me keep up on public TiddlyWikis (like philosopher.life) that I had discovered. But I couldn't get myself to rip off other news readers - I've not been satisfied with RSS and I disliked Google Reader. I didn't like that it basically created a second read-only email inbox - where I'm supposed to look through every message. And I didn't like that I lost the formatting and styling of the original hypertext. I much preferred just surfing my favorite sites periodically.

As I began to add blogs, Twitter, YouTube support - it felt like I was connecting the whole Web, as if it was all one network, almost as if I viewed it like the government does. (Equipped with my own personal XKeyscore Lite.) I had felt isolated before - unable to see past whatever was being recommended to me on Twitter - but now I had a tool that forced me to rouse my dormant research skills. The task of reading, writing, publishing and hunting on the Web is a formidable one - and we're far from mastering it. It's no wonder that we abdicated to social networks that attempt to do it all for us.

So yeah - Fraidycat is a very small attempt to move toward tools that give us some power. It really only adds the ability to assign "importance" to someone you are following - allowing you to track them without needing to be aware of them every second. But hey - it's four months old - I think it's a good start and hopefully others here can be encouraged by it to work on tools for the World-Wide Web again.

I think you're exploring an important space here. Good luck!

Also, the video essay you made about this (https://youtu.be/zgA4GzRsldI for anyone interested) is incredibly well-produced. I was expecting it to be someone mumbling over a screencast, but it's the total opposite.

I had read through the page and figured that it's probably not for me, but then decided to watch the video based on this comment and it is absolutely amazing! It is not just incredibly well-produced, but at the same time whimsical and a poignant commentary on the current social network landscape.

Some people might be put off by the video's style and it's definitely not in the vein of the typical startup product launch, but exactly that makes it the most memorable product launch video in a long time for me, since it's not afraid to show some personality.

I felt the same. I almost never watch product videos, and I watched this one all the way through... very well done.

over-produced. not raw and real.

It's fun & pretty raw. It's also a great way to talk about the intention of this product.

I see these as synonyms for: 'creative', personally. Seems 'on brand' with the rest of the site and product presentation.

Sadly something like that will be no longer possible in Europe when the new copyright directive becomes law. But on the other hand it probably never was :(

How so? Citation needed.

The website state: "Fraidycat doesn't communicate with a central server - unless your browser syncs Fraidycat's settings to a central server." So it seem fine by me.

I was talking about the video.

I love this already. It's been one of my biggest gripes of social media that I can't just follow people and catch what they're up to on my terms, sans "the platform" nudging me to interact this way, like this, star that, react to that over there because someone three degrees of separation did it, watch a video someone uploaded of their dinner. I want to passively observe and interact if I want to.

This is what I've wanted. It's like a living notepad file full of links

Great work, excited to put this to work

One of the things you've done that I really like is the focus on people instead of posts - this shifts the system away from favoring noisy or loud individuals which is the correct sort of shift in my opinion.

It's difficult to know what's better - some people may prefer to see posts, since they may want to find viral memes/videos/takes rather than to have to follow someone's output over time. It seems like a tradeoff to me - similar to short-term vs long-term. So it would be interesting for someone who loves news feeds to rethink them at some point.

If I understand correctly, is it a personal reddit/HN filled with content from websites you picked?

If this is it then I think there is a big potential. Actually, there might be a bigger potential as a SaaS than a browser plugin.

It'd be cool if you can share your newsfeed, or absorb other people's newsfeed.

I feel like that would take away half the charm for me. I want people to be able to add many site connectors, like YouTube dl.

This is the closer to what I imagined the Dip from "Fall; or, Dodge in Hell" would be that I have encountered so far - maybe I'm miss remembering and it was not a software at all but I have been looking for some kind of hub like this since I read that book. So glad I checked this link. Thanks for making it!

After leaving social media, I've been wanting something like this for a long time, and considered 'scratching my own itch', as you have. I settled on Feedly being good enough. It still isn't great: e.g. the Android widget is hopeless; I miss out on content because links sometimes don't refresh for days. I'm using the free option, so maybe the paid option is better, but it's free offering hasn't convinced me this is a good idea.

So I'm wondering whether to port all my follows over to fraidycat. Have you used Feedly or it's ilk before? How do you think it compares? Also, if I switch, how will you be keeping the lights on? Is there some monetization strategy in your mind?

Fraidycat doesn't have a central server - so even if I do get knocked off by Facebook Mafia, the software will still function just fine. Can't compare to Feedly, don't know anything about it.

Oh right, I suppose I should have installed it first. I like that it's stand-alone.

While there is much I don't like about Feedly, the things I do like are it's ability to make suggestions, and that also you can add things like YouTube links - like fraidycat. This means if Primitive Technology release a video, I know about it, and it comes up along with developer blogs I follow. The suggestions have been useful in discovering new blogs, but you can't have that with a stand-alone app... unless you provide a server for this. I'd happily provide my anonymized feed list to a server, if I get in return a bunch of adjacent content creators.

Minimo (written in Go) is a nice, clean, minimal self-hostable RSS reader that I can recommend trying out, supports importing Feedly exports, too. Works as a progressive web app in fullscreen when added to your Android home screen, no need for a separate app.

Where can I find Minimo? I tried my hardest to find it, but came up empty handed.

This really scratches and itch for me. I've felt similarly about RSS readers, they kind of work but as you point out most news feeds privilege the most voluminous posters at everyone else's expense. Love it.

Fantastic! I will be playing with this. I have to know though: where's the original knight interviewer video?! Happens at 3m55s: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zgA4GzRsldI&t=3m55s

oh lord yes

Very Neat! Gonna explore this to my heart's content. Huge fan of your personal website - all those writeups, thoughts on hypertext, decentralization and that dadaesque/surrealist aesthetic dripping everywhere. Discovered you when you listed my blog in one of your listicles. Good luck!

Hey, this is amazing! I'm currently working on www.inverse.network, a new way for groups to talk all over the web :) Would love to chat. haris@inverse.network

This is very cool, congrats on launching!

I’ve built something not too dissimilar, but focused on slowing down too, so instead of a feed with changes you get a daily digest of the new things that happened.

It also allows you to view the regular formatting, etc.

If you’re curious, it’s https://focusd.co and I’d love to hear about what you learned with “figuring out” if there’s an RSS Feed for a given URL.

Very interesting! And I'm fascinated by doing it as a browser plugin. Could you say more about why you chose this route?

Ease of installation and the ability to sync between browsers without folks needing to trust whether I can keep the service running or not.

I love this. Your video is right on, and I've felt this way since Google Reader disappeared and algo feeds took over. Definitely digging into this tonight.

I'm the #1 fan of Fraidycat, keep up the good work!

So, I still don't really understand what it actually does, but for some reason I feel like it's a great idea :D.

I'll put more time in playing with it.

This is very cool. I wish there was something like this for the various web serials I read. Keeping track of them all can be...cumbersome.

Couldn't this be that? If those serials are posted somewhere that has an RSS feed, you're good to go.

Huh, for some reason I thought RoyalRoad didn't have RSS feeds for its stories, but apparently it does. Nice!

Really nice work! I'm playing with the app currently. Is there a way to set the default browser used to open links?

It should use whatever browser your operating system has set as the default. But please let me know if that is not the case.

My OS is arch linux. It seems like the app does not use xdg-open (https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/Xdg-open ). Setting the BROWSER environment variable also doesn't seem to work. I don't know any other way to set the default browser.

Very cool. It reminds me of Netvibes and why I loved it so much when it first hit the scene circa 2006.

This is great. Would love to see an import from twitter/reddit subs feature in the extension.

I started using this earlier last week and I love it. Thanks for making it

Ah good to hear! Thanks for sticking with it.

This is a neat project. And based on your appreciation for things like Funny Mapguy (who I checked out after seeing your video) I think we have very similar taste in online culture. Good luck dude!

Hey thanks. Yeah I have followed Funny Mapguy for years and the amazing part is that he has not once mentioned maps or been funny in any of his videos. It's insane.

So I was reminded on YT homepage to check him out again... I went through about 15-20 last drink reviews (descriptions). They are all 7-8s. I am super curious if he has ever not liked one now.

have you considered following hackernews profiles? (comments, posts, etc)

also, best promo video of all time and amazing concept. we'd be great friends IRL. alas.

If I'm not misinterpreting you, you can already do this with rss : https://edavis.github.io/hnrss/

scratch everything i said. the tool can import any RSS feed. so you're 100% right, it can already do HN posts/comments/etc from specific people

thanks for sharing! did not know about this!

this could be the foundation of what my request was implying. it's the data pipe, but would need the frontend the OP is building

im so glad this popped up again! I was trying to find it the other day but none of my searches or history rang a bell!

That's the main problem on the internet, I think: not finding stuff but finding it again!

When the iPhone first allowed apps in an app store I had a conversation with another developer. We brainstormed an idea of an application that would allow you to aggregate all of your conversations with a person. Instead of opening the phone app, the messages app, facebook, twitter, etc. you would instead open the "Joe Smith" app and all of your conversations with that person across any medium would be aggregated in a single place. It is a bit like SoA vs. AoS (Structures of Arrays vs. Array of Structures). By transposing the relationship between app/person to be person/app it could change how we view social media.

What I've found over the following 12 years is that application producers are extremely hostile to anything that would take the user out of their application. It reminds me of early 2000 era websites where external links on some sites were not allowed.

The reason why RSS and similar aggregators do not work has nothing to do with technology. Any technology that allows you to follow the stars of a social media platform outside of that platform (or aggregate across platforms) will face a level of of opposition that is likely to be insurmountable.

XMPP, RSS, and similar protocols feel like they died due to this. Technical stuff, sure, but I tend to view the technical reasons more as business justifications for lock-in than "legit" issues.

I work in the micromobility vertical, which is facing some of these issues around trips, privacy, companies owning data, and cities wanting open data. Stuff like this [1] is popping up more and more.


    > Instead of opening the phone app, the messages app, 
    > facebook, twitter, etc. you would instead open the "Joe 
    > Smith" app and all of your conversations with that person 
    > across any medium would be aggregated in a single place
BlackBerry hub did this under BBOS10.

The android app more-or-less does it as well.


> The android app more-or-less does it as well.

Emphasis on less. The Android implementation of the Hub is gimped compared to BB10. On BB10, tapping a conversation would open it directly in a sub-view, while on Android it acts more like an incomplete list of links, where clicking the link opens the app and breaks the back button. It's such a sub-par experience that I only use it for e-mail these days, where it excels (I haven't found anything better for email).

Meego OS had it too.

Yep, and Telepathy (based on Pidgin aka GAIM). In a way, Pidgin and its predecessors of multi IM clients also did this.

eBuddy did this back in the early 2000s.

You're probably right. But don't forget that people are ultimately stronger than the platforms. Where is Snapchat now that TikTok arrived?

Yeah, forever I only wanted the BY-PERSON and BY-DATE functionality on my computing devices. BY-APP never was of any use for me, personally.

WebOS in the Palm Pre days got this correct.

I think I recall early Windows phone OS doing that as well.

I love this.

And the video is amazing.

I love the design, especially the bizarre loading screen. Initial UX thoughts from a elfeed user who imported their feeds with an opml:

- It would be great if the enter and close buttons were in the same spot, instead of the close button jumping to the bottom, so you could open and close drawers more easily.

- It'd be great if links could be shaded after they'd been opened, or marked somehow else as having been read.

- Would love to be able to reorder tabs

- Would be great if you could change the label for all the entries in a group in one go. Eg, I set the yellow geekface emoji for my tech follows, but I want to change this to a darker skinned variant without having to do so one-by-one.

- After I've added my feeds and given them all categories, the home tab is empty and calls me to add follows. It's unclear if I'm waiting for feeds to update or something, or if I need to leave some uncategorised, etc.

- Love the graphs but I'm not exactly sure what they mean.

- As you'd expect from an emacs user, would love to have more keyboard binding. Cycle through, unfold this drawer, unfold all drawers, switch tab, etc.

Thanks for this ace project!

- Working on this. https://github.com/kickscondor/fraidycat/issues/50

- Re: link colors. I think this is already the case for post titles. What platform did you try it on?

- Re: reordering tabs. I've put this in the queue. Thank you.

- Re: changing tabs. Part of this: https://github.com/kickscondor/fraidycat/issues/70

- Re: empty home tab. Good point. If home isn't wanted, maybe I make it go away... Hmm need to think about this.

- Re: graphs. I've added a tooltip in the next release and cleared up the logic. More improvements will come with the upcoming design.

- Re: keyboard shortcuts. https://github.com/kickscondor/fraidycat/issues/68

Thank you for the very thorough review! I hope these will improve over the next month.

Re home: Maybe split it into two: an "uncategorized" tab and an "all" tab

> There is no news feed. Rather than showing you a massive inbox of new posts to sort through, you see a list of recently active individuals. No one can noisily take over this page, since every follow has a summary that takes up a mere two lines.

I absolutely love this timeline algorithm and was just thinking about something similar last week. This way prolific posters don't flood my feed. We need more experiments like these.

I saw someone suggest this as a UI for Twitter a while ago. Can't remember where. But yes, it sounds brilliant!

I've muted so many people on Twitter due to their output being much larger than most of the other accounts I followed, drowning the rest. At the very least there should be some rate limiting feature, showing the X most popular posts in a given timeframe only.

This is the paradigmatically different internet I never knew I craved. I'm totally hooked on your idea: this is what the internet beyond 2020 should be.

No more walled gardens and network effect lock-in; people first, apps second.

Fantastic work.

Very cool project and basically a modern RSS feed reader for a modern web where not everything has a standardized feed to digest. Which is a little sad... Something like this is really useful for what it does but I'm afraid of how much upkeep might be required if it's scraping pages (which would be required for some platform so it's unavoidable).

Site scraping is definitely my biggest struggle - this is the primary reason it's taken me four months to get to this seemingly simple app ready to post here. I now have a pretty good system in place. I keep a master list of scraping rules that I can update without needing to re-release new Fraidycat versions. I also have an update coming that will allow me to scrape at different stages of the rendering process and to scrape external files that the rendered page relies on. (This will be used for TikTok support, for instance.)

I realize this could be a bit of an arms race, but I don't think it has to be that way. Fraidycat doesn't syndicate the content - it encourages people to visit the actual site. So I believe a platform benefits from integrating well with it. Thanks for checking it out!

In case scraping doesn't work for a certain link, you could have a "limited" update feature: Download website html, compress and hash it and store locally; each update cycle, download it, compress, hash and compare to local copy. If it has changed, then simply light it up in the UI. For me, simply seeing that there's something new on the site I want tracked is enough information so I can visit it and check out the new article myself.

Of course, false positives are a downside. Someone fixing a typo shouldn't count as an update. I'm sure the community can think of settings for the "update sensitivity" where level 0 requires at least a new tag to appear on the page, level 1 requires a change of at least N characters, and level 2 notifies on even a change of one character.

I love this extension already and am willing to help out with PRs :-)

With a strong enough userbase, the scraping upkeep could be sourced from capable users?

previously a similar service was present - FriendFeed. You could aggregate all your friend's feeds into a single location. Link: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/FriendFeed

They created and later opensourced Tornado(Python based HTTP framework for handling large number of threads)

I remember! Pouring one out for FF right now.

I like this idea. I'm very tired of trying to sift through publishers (individuals too) sorted by some opaque, perennially ineffective algorithm.

Twitter, for instance - I follow hundreds of people, but my notifications are literally 100% Rick Wilson. I have absolutely no idea how they made this decision, but it's way off the mark.

On Instagram, there's an account that's my favorite. I've liked every photo they post. They haven't shown up in my feed for months. Checked their account and they've been posting new content daily for 3 weeks. Meanwhile my fees shows me pics of some guy I don't care about at all walking his dog in vacation.

First, I’d like to say I really like this project, particularly how it takes the focus away from high frequency posters to active individuals.

A possible feature that I would want to see is to be able to have a single tab that would allow for filtering based on the platform, tag, individual, etc.

Ok - this sounds interesting. Can you describe it in more detail? Or like give me a practical example? Always glad to toss around ideas.

I believe they're advocating for an 'advanced search' type page. Something like these:

https://www.novelupdates.com/series-finder/ https://www.google.com/advanced_search

Where you can search all your subscriptions by meta data (and possible keyword in post).

An alternative but similar functionality would be a table where you can filter the columns. i.e columns might be Platform,Poster,Date,User Defined Tab[],Platform Tags,Summary

So for instance you can show all posts in between 20200219 and 20200305 not on twitter or youtube that are either your tech or finance tab that have the word covid or corona in the summary.

Great work by the way.

I'm so in.

I actually had an idea for something like this about a month ago. I'm not 100% sure how fraidycat operates, but I was thinking of some sort of social media aggregator that would only show updates at most once per day. The intention behind it being along a similar vein: to keep myself from doing the constant app switch and refresh just to make sure I wasn't missing out. Not that I would have ever executed, but I ditched the idea after looking through facebook's graph API and seeing that it wasn't feasible.

I never thought of making it a browser extension though! Good job, this is awesome!

That's very amusing - I originally intended Fraidycat to be "closed" except for a brief window between 7 PM and 7:10 PM - we must be on the same biorhythm. It does update throughout the day - but perhaps there is another extension that can block Fraidycat when you don't want the distractions.

Thank you for the encouragement!

Circa 4 weeks ago I had the same core idea! I think this is very interesting to be able to follow people you respect or are interested in one way or another, regardless of the platform where you find them. A kind of global Twitter. This has potential to become the new version of a social network. Kudos on executing it

PS: Initially I thought that the killer platform to adopt such a thing would be keybase! I even thought of tweeting to them, but then the idea just fleeted away. Oh well..

Fraidycat is the first piece of open-source software I noticed using Blue Oak Model License.

Nice! Didn't even know this exists.

I'm a bit confused, tho: the only real content is:

> This license gives everyone as much permission to work with this software as possible, while protecting contributors from liability.

This doesn't really sound unambiguous to me (but maybe that's because English is not my native language). As comparison from The Unlicense:

> Anyone is free to copy, modify, publish, use, compile, sell, or distribute this software, either in source code form or as a compiled binary, for any purpose, commercial or non-commercial, and by any means.

Somehow that's much clearer to me.

The Purpose paragraph you quoted from https://github.com/kickscondor/fraidycat/blob/master/LICENSE... is far from “the only real content”. That paragraph is a statement of intent, not a compression of the details into one sentence. It’s not supposed to be unambiguous. The next seven paragraphs on Acceptance, Copyright, Notices, Excuse, Patent, Reliability, and No Liability are the actual rules of the license.

The Blue Oak Model License aims to be closer to the MIT License than to the Unlicense. The Unlicense releases the software into the public domain, which means, for example, that someone who makes a derivative work could release that work under a proprietary license. In contrast, the Notices section of the Blue Oak Model License, just like the third paragraph of the MIT License, requires derivative works to be released under the same license. I would say the Blue Oak Model License uses the idea of “freedom through self-imposed restrictions” more than both the Unlicense and the MIT License.

I think the biggest difference between the MIT License and the Blue Oak Model License is that the MIT License doesn’t mention patents, which (some lawyers think) could allow authors of MIT-Licensed software to sue users for violating their patents used by the software. The Blue Oak Model License’s Patent section closes that loophole.

Too bad Activity Stream (https://www.w3.org/Social/ and https://www.w3.org/TR/activitystreams-core/) never succeeded or else your project would be easy for anyone to implement.

There's ActivityPub (https://activitypub.rocks/). Not that it's perfect.

FYI Someone put this on product hunt: https://www.producthunt.com/posts/fraidycat

I like that you have a style for your UI that (at least looking at your other projects) is completely yours. I think more developers that release small projects all the time should do this.

The idea of not letting one noisy person overshadow the more quiet ones reminds me of one of my old projects Latest Tweets [1].

It was a single page that displayed just a one latest tweet from everyone you followed on Twitter. I wanted to be able to see people who tweet indecently more easily.

It stopped working after Twitter shut down the v1 API and I didn’t try to update it, but there was something intriguing about the premise compared to the traditional feed, and I miss being able to use it.

I’m really glad to see this project that is much more polished and featureful!

[1]: https://github.com/shurcooL-legacy/latest-tweets

This is awesome! The design / branding itself is pleasantly unique and fun!

@kickscondor feature idea: it would be awesome if users could share their feed sources as a community shared feed that one could switch to.

Edit: I see now that ccktlmazeltov said the same 2 hours ago

For feed sharing, here's where I'm putting ideas: https://github.com/kickscondor/fraidycat/issues/6

Thank you for the nice words.

> I use it to follow people

This is something I have a real need for. Specifically, podcast hosts. I want to follow certain hosts and listen to every random show they're on.

Some hosts do keep lists of their appearances across many shows: http://hypercritical.co/about/appearances/

But that forces me to manually find the episodes and add each one to my podcast app.

I want something that aggregates appearances into a cross-podcast RSS feed that I can subscribe to in my app. Automatically subscribe to every one of their appearances.

This is a brilliant concept. Hosts could keep a feed of their appearances, but it would be interesting for someone to make a site that tracked this sort of thing (using user-submitted links I suppose).

https://huffduffer.com/ is another good discovery/bookmarking tool for podcasts. It has RSS feeds for everything on the site including custom searches that could potentially pick up your favorite contributors. The bookmarking functionality also makes it easy for you to quickly add things you find to one or more followable feeds for the one-off guest appearances you may hear about. (Originally posted at boffosocko.com/2020/03/21/55769517/)

You should take a look at Listen Notes[1] and maybe talk to wenbinf[2,3].

[1] https://www.listennotes.com/

[2] https://github.com/wenbinf

[3] https://news.ycombinator.com/user?id=wenbinf

"If only every network used RSS!" The big ones dont use RSS for a reason, they want you on the page to show adds. I expect they will start blocking access once you get above their radar. Good luck though.

Wow, this idea of grouping messages is really great!

I would really love to see a Mastodon (Fediverse?) client implementing it!

Congrats @ author!

Nice, great design as well, is this a standard theme?

Does this flag up a button on pages which I can follow when I'm on them? E.g. if I'm on a blog with RSS does a button appear so I can subscribe to it?

The design is just a bunch of random colors. It's non-standard.

I haven't added a button like that yet. It would require me to snoop on web requests that the browser is doing. And I'm reluctant to do that at the moment. I do like the recent idea of adding a bookmarklet: https://github.com/kickscondor/fraidycat/issues/99

You don't need to send anything back to the server for this, just a local parser based on the URL.

Although the permissions system gives you access to all sites.

Whoa, that video is a whole trip on its own.

I love the idea, I think it's Really Clever.

I can't wait for mobile support, although I noticed the plan is for Firefox users and I'm still stuck on Chrome.

I think a neat feature would be to group multiple sites together for a single individual. For example, following a web comic and connecting that with the artist's Twitter, as a single item.

I'm curious as to whether it keeps track of which items I've seen or whether it only has a staleness measure

Re: grouping. This is a feature called "bundling" that I'm halfway through finishing. https://github.com/kickscondor/fraidycat/issues/63

It doesn't track unread items. This is a move away from the 'news feed' or 'inbox' approach to reading the Web.

I wish there was a way to follow someone's posts on, say, Twitter, but not re-posts. Is there an easy way to do that?

Is this something you would want as a global option? Or would you do it on a case-by-case? I'm tempted to just add a "Show Reposts" in the filtering menu. That seems perhaps more useful (to me) than having to manage individual settings.

I think a global option in the filtering menu would be just fine.

This is awesome, I've been meaning to code some sort of intranet for my home with something like this for myself. Maybe now this one will just be a link within my intranet. Still havent worked out what I want for my intranet entirely. There are so many web based solutions you could make your own (internal) cloud OS.

I was just looking for something like this - a way to aggregate all my chosen feeds across multiple services.

It sort of feels like the next iteration of Fever[1]

[1] - https://feedafever.com/

This is something I have been thinking about a lot lately, the way stuff gets to me. This might actually be what I was thinking about.

Exciting times when something you thought you would have to build falls in your lap.

I might contribute to this, thanks for making it :)

Feedbro is better with more social media integration support. https://nodetics.com/feedbro/

What does it mean there's no online sync for the binaries?

The extensions will sync your list of follows between computers. So if you are logged in to Chrome on your work computer and you subscribe to dezz.ie, it'll show up when you log in to Chrome at home.

Is there import/export functionality?

Yes - in OPML and JSON.

Is there a way to actually add account login data so you can grab feeds from users who are not visible if not logged in? I see that happening on Instagram for example.

This is in the plan. https://github.com/kickscondor/fraidycat/issues/9

Just wanted to ensure the concept was solid before venturing into it. Also concerned about storage of credentials.


Thank you. I really like it :)

I love this.

- I love the way it looks

- I love what it does

- I love that it introduced me to philosophy.life

I like this a lot. It feels like a much healthier starting point than diving head first into the discovery feeds of the platforms.

I would really really love this for mobile. 90% of my mindless browsing that I'd like to take control of happens on my phone.

This is huge for me too. You can follow progress here: https://github.com/kickscondor/fraidycat/issues/31

I love this. I've been looking for something to solve this particular problem for awhile now. Thanks!

This reminds me of MSN Messenger. Back then people abused the nickname feature to write a status message.

I think this was used in Skype as well during the mid 00s

Wow. The video and everything is extremely impressive. Are you an artist also? If not, you should be.

Very cool idea and fun execution!

I am getting a networkError when attempting to fetch resource on any instagram links...

This is likely due to Firefox 'Strict' Tracking Protection. If you are okay turning it down to 'Standard', it will be fine. https://github.com/kickscondor/fraidycat/issues/26

Not sure how to solve this. Firefox thinks Fraidycat is "calling home".

I'm intrigued by what's going on in the "Internet K-Hole"

Posting found photographs, unless they've changed the site completely. It's fascinating at times, but frequently NSFW.

A similar sort of thing (though usually SFW) crops up on r/oldschoolcool, eg: https://www.reddit.com/r/OldSchoolCool/comments/fgi66k/my_da...

This is amazing, I've been wanting something like this for a long time!

feature request: I tried adding decrypt.co and could not, and then I couldn't leave the page to add a new thing.

Ok - thank you. I'll sort this out!

Great project, very clever

“Why do you have to bring cats into this?”

Sincerely, Angela from The Office

This site should say what it is, right up front.

My strategy is to build curiosity.

I'm in love with this!

No spacing on top of the video almost killed me

Wow, love it


I actually appreciate this advice and I do hope to get around to doing this one day.

Get me one too while you’re out there

thanks! I honestly believe it's a waste of time to 'follow' anyone online. social media is a mistake, has almost 0 positive influence.

Your YT promo video needs to get to the point much much faster. 45 seconds tops. Save the cuteness for later or another video.

This is the cuteness video. There is no other video.

Literally the worst landing page and copy i"ve seen

Bruh You gotta improve this

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