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We're looking to be a modern replacement for something like Ruby on Rails, so think full-on web application vs a blog or simple eCommerce site. Another way to think about is: do you have a lot of custom business logic you need to implement in order to drive your application? If so, then Redwood is set up really well do deal with that.

Do you intend to have built-in support for user management?

Setting up stuff like Oauth / Okta / etc and handling things like who can access admin screens seems to consume a lot of time on new projects - it'd make for an awesome app platform if some of that was well-supported out of the box.

You bet. See our roadmap list here https://redwoodjs.com/tutorial/wrapping-up And if you haven't read the README yet, that will help with the overall vision + direction https://redwoodjs.com/docs

Totally! We wanted to have a way of doing auth included in the launch but we ran out of time. It's definitely on the roadmap. Our goal is to make it "just work!"

You could use/checkout AccountsJS, been a small contributor to the project and it's great. TypeScript/GraphQL compatible etc.

Maybe you can integrate it into Redwood fairly easily, not sure about prisma though

Wow! This is awesome, thanks! I've added this: https://github.com/redwoodjs/redwood/issues/214

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