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“Nobody in the restaurant industry goes to the doctor when they're sick” (twitter.com/nomedabarbarian)
65 points by geofft on March 8, 2020 | hide | past | favorite | 5 comments

I chuckled when the papa johns peeps were freaking out about having to pay for medical care for employees - what was the statement? 'If I have to pay for medical care I will need to raise the price of pizza by 10 cents for every pie!

I chuckled and thought to myself, I would gladly pay an extra 50 cents per pizza to know that the people there have a doctor and access to advice and treatment. I would buy there instead of the roma pizza down the street if the other place did not have health benefits.

But, it takes more than that. It take having paid days off too. It does little good for a doctor to tell you you are contagious and need rest for 5 days if you can't afford to miss one (much less half of one to go to the doc)

The best drugs for cough aren't hardly available any more anyway (the war on opiates has become a war on doctors and pharmacists and they sick).

When it costs $22 an hour to live here where I am at, and food people are making $10 an hour - I don't know why anyone is surprised that most people making our food, day caring the kids and other important functions are not healthy, and using these services is risky.

Of course many people using these services have little options too.

Farther down that thread (lightly cleaned):

Poverty is a public health crisis, y'all. Wage Slavery kills. And if you can't be bothered to care about that out of your basic human dignity, maybe the fact that the servile class you've been supported by can't afford to not make you sick will fisking help.

Chickens ... meet roost.

He is only talking about the US, which is not comparable to a normal system.

If you're in the US, then it is a normal system. :)

It's the same in Canada.

Reflexive anti-U.S. bias spouting is cringe.

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