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Show HN: Animating randomized L-Systems in real time (ehrenjn.github.io)
110 points by the_wack 3 months ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 13 comments

Anybody who enjoys this should definitely check out Clifford Pickover’s book “The Pattern Book: Fractals, Art, and Nature” (1995) (https://books.google.com.mt/books?id=e77sCgAAQBAJ&pg=PA235&l...)

I didn't see the source linked from there, so: https://github.com/ehrenjn/LSystems

Lowkey looks like a Windows screen-saver. But very cool explanation of the visualization!

Wow that's so cool! Wish I could turn this into a screen saver.

same here, ill do some digging once i get home and report back if i find a way.

edit: couldn't wait until I got home so I found a solution for mac users. You can use this[0] package to load screensavers from urls.

[0] https://github.com/liquidx/webviewscreensaver

This is fun to see on HN, which has shown a (justifiable) affection for L-systems.

I wonder if an example that is closer to the original root of L-systems (biological/botanical shapes, like trees) would be a nice addition the the initial basic examples?

Plant shapes animate particularly will. See the example about halfway through this post: http://blog.rabidgremlin.com/2014/12/09/procedural-content-g...

That's exactly the kind of rule system I had in mind, and it seems like it would fit into the scheme of the OP. Thanks.

you tend to get more tree looking structures if you crank up the rule complexity (https://ehrenjn.github.io/LSystems/lsystems.html?FADE_TIME_M...)

But if I had a way of raising the average number of square brackets per rule then it would probably end up generating a lot more trees.

Just a detail on styling. The white text/ black background combination is kind of hard on the eye since it's too much contrast. I would use a lighter shade of black for the background. Something like #0f0f0f would work.

nicely done ... I wonder what the laptop battery draw difference would be if this had been written for WebGL rather than canvas ?

This is wild. I really like L-Systems.

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