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What details do you need that aren't there? I see airlines, stops, price, and time information.

EDIT: Whoops, meant to hit cancel in the iOS app as I wanted to write a bit more but didn't have timeā€¦ I'll leave the message as it stands.

The bars span the full width of my screen, which makes them hard to read. There's very little text, and I have to interact with each option to see details about a flight, which I find annoying if I just want to scroll through.

Also, the screenshot I gave above is a pretty tame example. Compare it to another search where there are more airlines in similar price ranges - http://i.imgur.com/e7VJq.png

Again, I'm not sure what details you're looking for; the stuff I care about (cost, departure and arrival time, rough length of flight, where it connects) is all right there.

As someone who lives in a city that's always one connecting flight away, I can't tell you how many times I've almost booked a flight only to realize the one that's $5 more on the same airline connects in a city more on the way and with less layover time, and Hipmunk does a far better job of communicating that to me then a traditional list.

That being said, I'm not using it exclusively yet (I usually check both Kayak and Hipmunk just to make sure I'm not missing something), but I really like that somebody is trying to do something different and (hopefully) enjoyable in flight search.

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