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That's not what's happening here.

iOS is a platform for third-party apps. That's how it's now sold (right on their website: "The world’s largest collection of mobile apps").

That's a lock-in mechanism. Switching between phones with no third-party apps is a lot cheaper that switching between the iPhone and a Blackberry.

They could do this if they wouldn't have allowed any third-party apps at all; if the popularity of the platform for third-party apps wouldn't be one of the reasons iPhones are selling like crazy.

And I also don't get this apologetic behavior from people in regards to Apple's actions. Do you miss the 90s when all you could use and target was Microsoft's OS? Do you miss the whims of Microsoft and the iron grip they had on the industry?

What, do you feel too much freedom of choice now? You think it's unhealthy or something?

I personally think that apple's behaviour sucks; I just argued that they don't have any obligation to put whatever third-party apps they don't like.

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