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Radiooooo – The Music Time Machine (radiooooo.com)
371 points by alansammarone on March 5, 2020 | hide | past | favorite | 77 comments

It's interesting to see that the map reshapes as you move through the decades. Germany splits into two and then goes back to one, Africa and the Indian subcontinent get progressively decolonized, etc. It's not perfect, particularly in east Asia (Taiwan is always independent and Korea is always two countries, and neither are ever colonized by Japan), but what's there is fun to see.

Wow, this is awesome. Many of the songs can't even be ID'd by Shazam and are not on Apple Music.

I wish the initial modal dialog was easier to close and that the current track ID was reflected in the URL bar, e.g. http://radiooooo.com/?track/df3115c7-4eea-4d26-aba9-3c190542...

https://radiooooo.app is the beta test new version you should try :)

Thank you! radiooooo.com is blocked here at work but radiooooo.app isn't :)

This is really great, thanks. Only thing I noticed is some of the Eastern European music is in the wrong decade occasionally like '80s & 90s mixed-up.

Many of the songs can't even be ID'd by Shazam and are not on Apple Music.

I have this same experience almost every time my wife comes back from a record store, the library gift shop, or a thrift store.

Digital services like to talk about the tens of millions of songs and videos they have. They don't like to talk about the hundreds of millions of songs and videos they don't have. And probably never will.

I found some great tracks from around Africa but can't find them on Spotify.

Fantastic. Here's another niftly radio app: http://radio.garden/


Similar idea, no map, but supports community editing & many sort patterns & ratings. Open Source.

the UPDATE of radiooooo is here for testing: https://radiooooo.app :)

Amazing really awesome classics :) I would listen those songs for days nonstop.

There very few songs from my country though. Going to upload some.

Looks great! Will there be an API available like the old radiooooo.com/api?

Ah great, this has controls (pause!) :-).

doesnt let you copy artist info, feels like we are back in FLASH applets timeline

One clarification: The dates specify the date of release, right? I went to the site expecting to hear popular songs from that era/region, but I've never heard of any of the songs it plays.

This is great! Love the artistic interface, it's refreshingly distinctive from all the other websites I visit these days.

My only issue is the Taxi dialog didn't seem to position correctly in Chrome on my Android, and I couldn't accept or dismiss it.

How did the author manage to keep playing music after forwarding me to the iTunes store? iframe or something?

I could see they are using three.js for a visual library, but I couldn't tell what they were using for audio. Maybe they are interacting with the web audio api directly, since they are only playing a single piece at a time. I didn't hear in fade in/out or more advanced functionality.

I love the creative design of this site/app! There are so many gems in here. I’m now trying your updated iOS app in TestFlight, kids are using the old version. 1. I recommend changing Fornication Island to Seduction Island and changing the picture from a behind in the water to something else. Kids love this app and it should be kid friendly. 2. The icon for the old version is a better design and more memorable. I suggest changing it back. 3. Making the map look more like a paper map would be a way cooler interface, though could be tough since you’d need one per decade. But it would REALLY make the app unique.

Nice. I've got serious thing for 60/70's middle eastern/north african jazz and prog, ranging geographically from Ethiopia to Turkey to Afghanistan. Back in 2004 to 2007 I used to have a late night radio show on UK local radio station that broadcast on a Friday night and mingled in many of these gems along with Caravan, Soft Machine, Pere Ubu and so much more.

Whoever Victor Kiswell is, sir, you have an amazing library of tunes and I'd love to speak to you.

Current tune:

African Jumbo by Abbass Mehrpouya (1976, Iran)...bonkers good, would love to own that.

I don't get it. No matter where I click I get: "This area /decade is empty". https://radiooooo.app works though.

https://radiooooo.com/ doesn't work because it's trying to XHR the http version of the site which gets blocked. The other .app domain works fine though, like you said.

shift + reload

If you like old time radio (I'm a big fan) check out the radio dramas on http://www.radioechoes.com as well. You could try out my scraper as well and see if it still works* https://sequoia.makes.software/projects/#radio-echoes-downlo... (I was using it to scrape & bundle mp3s to audio books for a while).

* edit: it doesn't :p

This is really fun!

Not sure if bug or missing feature, but the decade tabs at the bottom of the screen are unlabeled so I have to click around a bit to find the decade I want.

Firefox 74.0b7 on macOS 10.15.3.

Hello, please try this adress which is the new site and fixes a looot of bugs !! :) here: https://radiooooo.app

have a good trip : Ben

It's fixed, thanks!

This is brilliant! How have I never heard of this before?

How's the song upload feature in terms of copyright?

UPDATE of the new radiooo for testing here: https://radiooooo.app :))

Maybe the link of this post itself should be updated

Nice! I collect tropical, good to see something like this do well. Can I ask about the motivation / team behind it?

It's a French collective curating rare and exotic nostalgia tunes since 2013 (https://www.newyorker.com/culture/culture-desk/radiooooo-the...). It was co-created by a member of the Polo & Pan duo (https://www.discogs.com/artist/4106352).

An up to date revision of the site is available at: https://radiooooo.app

Here's a little helper script to listen Radiooooo from the command line: https://github.com/vikbez/radiooooo-cli

Now I remember a friend sending this to me a while back. Thanks for the info and script!

Thanks for this...do you know of a way to integrate this into a Sonos service?

I use this site for years already and I’m always happy to see it’s still around. One of the little indie web gems.

the new site for testing here: https://radiooooo.app ;)

Very cool. Listened to some French and African 70s stuff.. Thanks for posting this.

One minor glitch -- user registration form wouldn't work for me.

It told me there was an error, therefore "my email must already be registered".

use this new adress: https://radiooooo.app it fix a lot of bugs !

The new one added a breaking bug. With the old address I can option select the text with a mouse to copy/paste. It may not seem a big deal, but many of the strings for foreign songs are not ASCII so they are hard to type otherwise.

thanks, this actually works and solves the mixed content issues. fantastic app

Similar online radio station for old (new to you) music discovery: http://vintageobscura.net/

This site is barely accessible with a screen reader. Lots of unlabeled graphical elements, and no obvious way to change the country from T&T.

They should just delete the site

This is an incredible website thank you the creator!

thanks :)

It has a strange bug, where if you visit it with HTTPS, none of the songs load. They could just use letsencrypt.

"It's not a bug, it's a feature" of most modern web browsers. A https page that includes content fetched using http is called a "mixed content" page. Radiooooo over https still fetches the songs via http requests, and so many browsers block these requests.

use this new adress: https://radiooooo.app it fix a lot of bugs !

works like a charm, thanks

this site is pure awesome

that's a no thanks for me. allowing mixed_content isn't something I can live with.

It’s for listening to clips of old music, not email or banking. It’s literally replicating data that is otherwise being publicly broadcast through the air unencrypted.

But his ISP might be injecting subliminal messages!

(For fun see also https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Backmasking)

my ISP doesn't do this currently. reason is actually that I don't see any reason why the app should be using mixed_content to begin with. In the age of letsencrypt you can easily get certificates, so the only reasons I can think of are a) performance overhead due to TLS, b) storage of audio tracks done on 3rd party domains due to cost/limits.

a) is a non-issue in 2020

b) not extending trust to 3rd party domains is literally why allowing mixed_content is a terrible idea

TLS is anything but a non-issue. TLS accounts for roughly 40% of the CPU and 45% of the memory bandwidth on our CDN nodes.

I work for Netflix on our CDN. I wrote much of the FreeBSD kernel TLS layer, and am working with several vendors on hardware TLS offload to eliminate this overhead. Hopefully your statement will be correct soon :)

I agree that you have compute overhead which you need to account for.

At least for SaaS companies it's not really a technical hurdle that blocks anyone from running their service, except maybe for those who are already very large (Netflix obvioulsy) and have scaled and optimized so well that it makes sense for further reducing this additional cost. You're in a unique position I think and you are lucky to work on a cool project like this.

But I have not seen any places where this was at all an urgent on a clients or employers agenda. It is a budgeting issue (if you're buying) or pricing issue (if you're selling), but it's not an technical problem that needs to be solved in any place other than hyper-scaling companies/stacks.

Terminating TLS and (load-balancing it) is not really what prevents a cash strapped start-up from scaling, nor is it super high priority in large companies who are able to throw a little extra money at this problem. Those companies who still have skilled innovators around solves the problem like you do at Netflix, in older industries (banks come to mind) they just by OTS or have a consulting company implement some "bespoke solution".

It's a "problem" most SaaS businesses can carry with them for a long time, until they have room to address it.

obviously this sounds like a cool project to dive into but quite rare too! enjoy it, I know I would :)

I get that. but how would you allow the mixed content on a per site basis? sure I could use another browser that ignores the security just for this one page. how else would you do it without editing about:config and then switching back, is there a extension or something that can do that on a per-site basis?

It's a shame this isn't working in a secure way and out of the box on modern browsers.

I have been wondering why it stopped working for me half the time about a year and a half ago, and you just now made that click in my head haha, cheers for that.

It is inaccurate: For Mexico 1980 it actually showed "La Union" band which is actually Spanish.

It may not be if it's songs that were popular in that area during that time rather than songs FROM that place. I'm not sure if they differentiate which it is, I didn't see any at a glance.

I love this! I make sampled-based beats and it seems like a great way to dig for samples.

This is really good thanks. Great for discovering sounds from all over the World and time.

Wow! This is one of the most creative, fun website I have seen in years, thank you!

I've been using this for years. it's a godsend. I love it beyond words.

you should try the new release in test mode here: https://radiooooo.app ;)

Low key this is awesome. Enjoying pulling up the 60s in US and the UK, or Cuba.

Great!! How do you get around the copyright issue and how did you monetize?

Brilliant. Loved it.

This is dope! Love it, web needs more art.

This is cool. Just super super cool Wow!

This is amazing, love it.

how nice is it, it is just the Big data and AI should doing!

Pause or Stop button?

Hello, please try this adress which is the new site and fixes a looot of bugs !! :) here: https://radiooooo.app

have a good trip : Ben

Sorry...I just found it at the left side by the taxi. Fantastic idea, UI & song selection...working great :-). Thank you!!

there: radiooooo.app :)

This is really great!

Veeery good

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