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Great tool for posting HTML/CSS/JS examples online (jsfiddle.net)
113 points by tzury on Feb 22, 2011 | hide | past | web | favorite | 16 comments

I just realized it could be great if stackoverflow.com would integrate with this site's API, so web development questions would get a better platform for posting the "code/markup in question" and getting answers that way as well.

We're writing beta and there API will get more useful

This seems pretty amazing, but I guess there's no way around letting users work on arbitrary JavaScript and XSS? http://jsfiddle.net/wk7sK/

They could put all executed code in a cookie-less domain, that way it can't access any private resources on your behalf (modulo XSS bugs on other sites). This is what the Google code playground does:


Man, I have never seen the code playground before. This makes using their APIs so much easier. Thanks man

They use the same editor engine

We use different domain for displaying fiddles.

Test your node.js servers super ez (and free):


It would be nice if you could test CoffeeScript examples as well.

The code highlighting and indentation is pretty good. Sure beats Stack Overflow's editing experience

I also like jsbin.com

What does it mean by "normalized CSS"?

From here: http://doc.jsfiddle.net/api/post.html?highlight=normalized, given this:

>normalize_css: yes or no - should normalize.css be loaded before any CSS declarations?

I'm guessing it's an external CSS file, probably to enforce consistency between browsers. Haven't looked at it, though - just assuming. "normalize" is nowhere else in the documentation, oddly enough.

The checkbox has been just added few days ago. Before it wasn't optional. Just written the doc http://doc.jsfiddle.net/basic/introduction.html#normalize-cs...

Docs are opensourced (https://github.com/jsfiddle/jsfiddle-docs-alpha)

Please file issues and requests https://github.com/jsfiddle/jsfiddle-docs-alpha/issues

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