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My satellite TV provider has an app I can only use if signed up to them. Do they now need to offer TV subscription through their app? What about the 37signals Campfire clients? Do they now need to offer Campfire subs via inapp purchase too?

Answer to the first one is no, because you don't get their service in the app.

As far as I can tell, Apple's new guidelines wouldn't let them put that app in the App Store anymore. Apple's guidelines say you have to sell through the app using their API and can't sell anywhere else. And you can't link to a place where customers can buy your service outside of Apple's control.

They can sell other places, but not promote those other places within the app.

They could offer their subscription on their web site and collect 100%. Their app would then be required to offer the same subscription deal as an in-app purchase for the same-or-lower price, and then they would collect 70%. The app could not refer users to their web site for purchases.

My understanding is that yes, Apple wants them to.

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