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I think it is worth noting, because everyone seems to have forgotten, that this has always been the rule. I remember it from the very first reading of the terms and conditions (back when they were under NDA).

It has always been against AppStore rules to monetize apps outside of the AppStore. Apple has been lax in enforcing it, primarily because Apple didn't offer a subscription mechanism.

Now they offer a mechanism, and so now people can comply with the rule, and so now they are enforcing it.

The same thing happens in the Android Market. Apps get removed for policies that have always been there, and then they complain that they exist AFTER they develop the app.


A rule isn't a rule until it's enforced. Apple has effectively changed the rules after tricking companies like Amazon and Netflix to develop software for the App Store, which was – until now – a mutually beneficial arrangement.

Wasn't Netflix functionality something Apple used as a selling point for the iPad?

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