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Apple feels its position is now strong enough that it can dictate terms.

Funny how everyone used to say that Apple was benevolent due to their actions in the PC space. My argument was always they've never been in a position to really be aggressive. Now that they are in a borderline position they are quickly being a lot less benevolent. Does anyone honestly think if they had 90% PC/browser share they'd be "nicer" than Microsoft?

Apple is the company that has their police raid journalist's homes and confiscate all his computers because their dumbass engineer left his special phone in a bar.

Say what you want about Microsoft, they never stooped to the level of _actual_ fascist Nazi crap like that.


Apparently the local police do their bidding. Perhaps you heard about:


Widely denounced as unjust.

Considering that almost nothing happened when the iphone was released on Verizon, Apple is at an extremely weak position and can not only not dictate terms but they are very far from being at a point where they can.

Perhaps it really does reflect Jobs' weakness, or maybe he's behind it all too.

Man if it were my business I sure wouldn't want to risk pissing off developers or the consumers right now:


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