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Clickbait, bogus title.

A handful of people there "show some symptoms", which could be influenza, or anything.

"officials have not yet found a link between (the deceased's) case and the outbreak in the nursing facility. “ um, okay... so how does this qualify as a "COVID-19 "outbreak" in the facility?!

> So far, two people from the nursing facility outbreak have tested positive for Covid-19. One is a health worker in her 40s, who is currently in “satisfactory condition,” Duchin said, while the other is a resident in her 70s with significant underlying chronic health issues and is in “serious condition.”

This text did not appear in this statnews article when submitted.

I don't see it in the submitted article, either. Why are you being disingenuous about this?

This is a screenshot I just made after clicking the link above.

Here is an archive.is snapshot (1 hour old), containing the same text: https://archive.is/QE5FK

EDIT: checking archive.org, it appears this was indeed not in the article ~2 hours ago: https://web.archive.org/web/20200229205343/https://www.statn... vs https://web.archive.org/web/20200229225108/https://www.statn...

I see it now, in the two paragraphs added since it first went live on the site.

The quoted text appears for me when I click the submitted link.

Try clearing your cache?

Also, please leave out the second sentence next time. Thanks.

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