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Congrats to the Hasura team!

Hasura is truly a marvelous piece of software when it comes to rapidly prototyping and getting things out into production. We discovered Hasura a couple years back at my previous company when it was still in beta and we were amazed with how easily we could automate most of our CRUD logic. I will definitely be using Hasura again when the time comes around.

On a more recent note, I currently have a client who's prototype was built with Hasura but one of their requirements was to migrate to AWS and use as many of the PaaS offerings as possible. We ended up using AppSync[1] and it is fairly impressive. I highly recommend anyone who is stuck in the AWS ecosystem to check it out. AppSync integrates with a lot of other AWS services (Cognito, S3) very easily and allows you to use Dynamo/Aurora/RDS/Elastic as data sources. On top of this, you can also use Lambda to implement resolvers that need more intense business logic, making the service incredibly powerful.

[1] https://aws.amazon.com/appsync/

We used appsync at my company and switched to a more classical approach of handwritten crud, a REST Api, a RDS (not entirely sure how well you can use them with appsync) away from dynamodb. Appsync was just not mature enough, had bugs and severe limitations. Without someone in the team who really knows Appsync, I would recommend against it and towards the tech you know.

What was the biggest hurdle you ended up facing that ended up being the dealbreaker for your team?

I think for us, the biggest issue so far has been figuring out some of the more involved Velocity templates as the documentation is fairly sparse and testing them can be a pain. Thankfully this project isn't too business logic heavy but due to time constraints, we ended up writing Lambdas for templates we could not figure out quickly.

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