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StorePreviewer – See what your app will look like on the App Store (storepreviewer.com)
89 points by afrcnc on Feb 26, 2020 | hide | past | favorite | 31 comments

Hey hackers, the creator here.

StorePreviewer is a developer tool that helps you optimize and preview your app's copy and screenshots on the App Store without the need for publishing it live or other any other design tools.

It is built on vue.js, tailwind css and some components from Element UI. In order to move things fast and ship this MVP I decided to just use a single index.html with vue's cdn.

Would love to hear more feedback from you!

P.S I launched it today on PH: https://www.producthunt.com/posts/storepreviewer

It's nice. Thanks!

Thank you! Appreciate it

Great idea. One bug I noticed: once you open the pro view modal, the close button doesn't work to close it. Clicking the background (off modal) doesn't close it either.

Thank you for your feedback! I tested it on Mac OSX on Chrome, Safari, Firefox and Opera. What system/browser are you using?

embed.tawk.to (which is serving part of the javascript for that modal) seems to be blocked by some filter lists like AdGuard Annoyances due to, I presume, tawk mostly serving Live Chat popups.

Oh. I will look into this issue.

Your corner rounding is a bit strange: if I make the navigation bar appear the rounding disappears entirely on the top, and on the bottom has the wrong radius.

Thanks! Are you talking about the corner rounding on the iPhone screen preview? Could you please be a little bit more specific? Which browser/device/environment are you using?

There's two dead scrollbars for me: https://i.imgur.com/inG24MZ.png

If you are developing on OSX, you can turn on scrollbars in system settings to see them.

Hi. Nice app, but what's the point of the Cookie alert?

Is this for GDPR? If so, then it's non-compliant since GDPR requires active consent (as in clicking on an "Accept" button) before storing personal information in cookies. I have no idea if other laws (California, etc) are different though...

Hi. Thank you for the feedback! I will take a closer look at it.

Isn't this against facebooks ad policy? If i drive traffic to a look alike app store that doesn't do anything.

Thanks for the feedback! Do you have more information on this for me? I do not see a reason why it should be against their ad policy. I am not aware of any ads that are driving traffic to it. Furthermore, the whole copy of the site clearly states that it is a previewer.

Bloody hell, $499/mo for the annual plan?!

(Yes, this is in jest. Even as someone with no eye for design.. typography matters.)

Thanks @gerardnll for pointing it out. It is actually 4.99$. Was this a mistake or did you encounter this weird number rendered somewhere? In what environment did you encounter it?

It's a font problem. The dot is indeed present[0], but its size, kerning, and weight combines to make it look like a speck of dust or botched antialiasing, especially if you're a fair distance away from the monitor.

[0]: https://i.imgur.com/QwtDooL.png

Oh yeah. You are definitely right about that. I was just used to my well-known Macbook's monitor. You learned me a valuable lesson. Especially the pricing should be perfectly readable.

I just increased the font size of the dot. What do you think? Is it still hard to read?

Personally I could tell in that screenshot but it’s obviously not ideal.

FYI Annually has two l’s.

Thanks for pointing out the typo! It should be updated now.


Thanks for pointing it out! Appreciate the effort

I couldn’t see it because I’m on mobile.

Normally I just quietly skip by ones like this, but in this case I think it's important to mention as the product's purpose involves mobile stores. There's not even a description or any info available on mobile. Not only that, but I can see the page loaded underneath the popup blocking me from viewing.

Thanks for the feedback. Quite some people noticed this. Due to the current layout - you can only properly view and work with it on desktop screen sizes. That is why I decided to put the popup there. What solution what you think would suit better? I am eager to improve it asap.

Make it a multiple page process, without preview, and/or use something like css scale transform on the preview widget to make it smaller and fit the screen, but true to size css wise)

That is a great idea! Thank you. I will take a closer look at it and reach back to you if necessary.

I don't mind that it doesn't work on mobile necessarily, but it would be nice to at least be able to see a preview or a description of what the product does on mobile.

Yea. 100% agree with you. I will fix this asap.

I’d hope to see a “I understand but would like to see the site anyways” button on the pop-up

Great idea!

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