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HeliumHQ used to be the commercial offering of Helium. We shut down that company at the end of 2019. The GitHub link you see here now is the same code, modernized and open sourced. See the history section at the bottom of the GitHub README.

Why didn’t the commercial offering succeed?

Developers don't like to pay for software libraries so it was an uphill battle. My co-founder (our "COO") moved on because he got a very lucrative offer. I wanted to buy out his 50% of the business, he asked for a 40x multiple of yearly revenue. (For context, online businesses usually go for 2-3x.) In this stalemate, I did not want to continue growing the business with him owning 50% of it. Now that revenue has, through years of inactivity, died down to essentially 0, he agreed to let me open source it.

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