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Proxyman – native HTTP/HTTPS requests observation and manipulation app (proxyman.io)
135 points by guessmyname on Feb 23, 2020 | hide | past | favorite | 45 comments

`mitmproxy` is also a really nice tool for MITM'ing your connections.

It's free and open source, has a nice TUI, scripting in python, intercept and modify requests/responses, etc


Seconding: mitmproxy (including its `mitmdump` util) is an outstanding tool; should be in every software developer's kit.

but the CLI is not friendly for new users like me couple year ago. I used to be an iOS Developers, who spent most of time to communicate with QA team during the development. QA teams are not willing to use mitmproxy since it's too hard and Charles was the last choice/

Some tools are for different group of developers.

Sometime I need to script to change the response by code, I use mitmproxy too, since mitmproxy has this feature. But sometime I just need to quickly see the HTTPS Response and I would go to Proxyman since it's so intuitive and easy of use.

Author of Proxyman here. The reason behind of Proxyman is to simplify Web Debugging for everyone. - Free-Distraction - Native app, feel like my home - Ease of use are the catalyst we ship Proxyman.

Feel free to Ask me anything.

Nice app! Gonna test it sooner or later. Any plan for a Linux or Windows distribution?

For the Window, we're aiming to ship the first version at end of this year 2020. Stay tuned!

Curious about how it matches up against Fiddler.

I couldn't find the Linux version, perhaps something is wonky with the browser/os detection, it's assuming I'm on a mac and showing macOS screenshot previews, etc.

Yeah it's mac only. If you're looking for a Linux equivalent, try https://HttpToolkit.tech

Works similarly, but runs on Linux & Windows too, and it's fully open source: https://github.com/httptoolkit

Caveat: Node/Electron app.

The Pro version costs 6 EUR/month.

We're aiming on macOS version firstly. Then expanding to Windows and Linux in this year. Stay tuned!

it's macOS only.

We wouldn't follow cross-platform tech since it invades the design principle and the native feeling from each platforms. On macOS, we strictly follow macOS Human Interface Guideline from Apple and it turns out that lot of people love it :D

Nice work, will be trying it this week. Like many others, i am using Paw.

I have a comment about the UI, it resembles a lot to Table plus and Postico

Table Plus UI https://tableplus.com/assets/images/postico-alternative/dark...

I've been using Paw (https://paw.cloud) for a while, which I guess is just a slightly more advanced version of this. Lets you sync state across team members etc which is handy.

But, the functionality of Paw and Proxyman are completely different. Paw is an advanced API tool for Mac -> Help you to construct the Request and test it. On the other hand, Proxyman is MitM, capture all traffic from the device, intercept it and see the HTTP/HTTPS Request and Response.

Ahh okay. Sorry I made assumptions on what it did as it looks fairly similar. Have used mitmweb before but this looks to have nicer usability etc

How different is this from Fiddler?

From what I use, Proxyman is pretty much the same with Fiddler, with nicer and friendly UI.

And Proxyman doesn't come with many advanced features. It's obvious because Fiddler is born 17 years ago.

What are differences btw Charles Proxy and Proxyman?

Basically, it's a fresh air for Web Debugging app with native macOS UI :D

If you're familiar with other tools like Charles or Fiddler, you could switch to Proxyman since those functionalities are the ready much the same. The UI is thoughtful and we put of lot of works to re-design the UI to make it super easy to get started.

Let check the Map Local or Install Certificate menu too see how it looks like.

Fun fact: The number of users, who are complain how to install the Certificate is significantly dropped down when we re-design the Installation Guideline Windows. It means they could make it without googling :D

Just so you know the logo cuts off on mobile view.

Really like how your landing page looks like - clean, tidy and straight to the point. Maybe you would like to share your product and news around it on https://owwly.com Worth to check it in free time :)

Thank you for kind words. We will share Proxyman around owwly soon

Thanks, Have a nice day!


Which looks similar to Charles Proxy too... https://www.charlesproxy.com

Or Burp Suite. It's hard to design a brand new UI for the same functionality...

I think it's just an example of "convergent evolution". A tool like this will necessarily have a list of requests and a way to easily examine each one of them in detail. One of the well-known Windows equivalents is not that different either:


Yes, I, Creator of Proxyman here, admit that I'm heavily inspired from Proxie UI too from the beginning day of Proxyman. Thank you for the first pioneer, who is dedicated to ship the Debugging tool on macOS app

Which in turn looks suspiciously similar to every browsers request inspector.


Are you connected to the development of this app? I noticed that every one of the comments in your account relate to it, yet this comment makes it sound like you're just an end user. The 'about' section in your HN profile ('ios dev') is basically the same as that of nghiatran_feels' ('iOS dev'), who on this thread claims to be the creator even though this Show HN was posted by someone else. You've mentioned this app before [0] only to have the same nghiatran_feels account respond with a marketing blurb. Incidentally, in another thread, nghiatran_feels presents himself as someone other than the creator [1]. This all feels a little astroturf-ey to me.

[0] https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=21077549 [1] https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=19704605

Intriguing sleuthing. I'd add that both accounts have very similar grammar style. Good vocabulary, but with odd grammatical errors.

All incidental of course, but still. I believe your theory. Embarrassing and slightly pathetic if true.

Yes, we're the same team. Sorry for that : /

How do you explain this comment, where you say you know the solo guy working on proxyman, and you say he is ambitious to be better than Charles?


Are you talking about yourself in the third person? Very confusing.

Also, the account was created right around when nghiatran_feels first started posting about Proxyman (5 months ago).

I have a recent computer with enough ram and the feeling of electrons apps on GNU/Linux and Windows is quite good. I'm not sure the majority of people do notice a difference anymore.

For sure if you run electrons apps on a old potato pc with less performances than a new smartphone it's not ideal but I feel like most companies don't really target users in this situation.

I use VSCode every single working day, and it's electron-based app. It's the best cross-platform app I've used

VS Code is the example I always use when someone is hating on Electron too - yes, it's possible to make slow, memory-hungry Electron apps, but VS Code shows it doesn't have to be this way. Honestly, VS Code is so performant you would think it was a native app.

I love VS Code but I wouldnt go that far. Sublime Text is far snappier - but I use VS Code anyway.

The real lesson is that performance matters but its not the only criteria for a successful app.

RAM and the performance are not a problem with me too since I use the latest MacBook 16". The reason I concern is the feeling of using the native app. Buttons, Labels, SplitView, Multiple-Tab,... are pretty much the same what I use with Finder and Calendar and I'm really happy about it. I believe that the author would have a plan to write native Window and Linux apps soon.

I don't disagree that it makes economic sense in a lot of cases to go with these kinds of tools. I wonder though if this is really the direction we want to go as an industry. Do we reach some tipping point eventually? when our software is so inefficient that these things do start to matter again? Will we eventually hit hardware limitations that force us to rethink this practice? Maybe eventually there is some holy grail of cross platform productivity and performance to be had.


This overly thick yet empty appeal to FOSS starts to sound like you protesting at the people in line at the movie theater because don't they know they can go home and watch something on TV for free? Sometimes there are even good shows if you wait long enough!

There is no obligation to open source your work just as there is no obligation for you to pay for or use this software. Shallowly dismissing the developer's work is not really in the spirit of HN and is referenced in the guidelines.


You are being childish to say the least.

not indian but Indian with a capital I. But why pick on Indians in particular ? Please be civil and keep your racism at home.

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