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Show HN: GitSpo – Monitoring and Analytics for Open-Source Projects (gitspo.com)
12 points by gajus 38 days ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 5 comments

I have published it on ProductHunt this morning where I shared more background about the project:

This is my favourite side project. I have built it so that I would know when people are talking about my projects and in what contexts my projects are being mentioned. The goal is to measure what impact social mentions have to product adoption and to create opportunities for developers to engage their communities outside of GitHub.

Currently GitSpo aggregates data from 10 different websites, including dev.to, GitHub, Gitter, Hacker News, Hashnode, Medium, Reddit, Stack Exchange, Stack Overflow and Twitter. In total I caught 800k+ project mentions. This excludes bot activity (I detect and filter our CI and similar bots) and repeat/ near duplicate mentions.

I am yet to figure out how to monetize GitSpo. In theory, the underlying tech would allow a pivot to a Medium.com-like company. I thought of creating a tool for recruiters to identify the rising talent. Maybe even automatically suggesting improvements to developer LinkedIn profiles based on their activity. Perhaps generating impact reports for companies that invest into Open-Source. With a bit of luck and time a problem worth solving will come to me. :-)

Viewing my own project mentions is great. Though my favourite feature has become the trending project list, https://gitspo.com/trending. I have stumbled upon some very cool tech this way in the past couple of months, and seeing the comments on social media about those projects allowed me to form an informed opinion about the potential use cases.


I think your product is a good idea, but I received an email from you (to my personal email) without having signed up for your service. I do not know where you found my email, but I would like to be in control who I share my email address to.

Can you please take me off your list and if in the future I decide to use your service, I would happily sign up to.

This seems pretty cool. I logged in and it immediately showed some of the personal mentions. Is there any way to link it to one of my github orgs instead of my personal?

I’d love to try this and give you more feedback but I’m getting 404 trying to install the GitHub app.

Please give a try again. Some users reported the same issue. It has been fixed since.

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