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I'm a little surprised to see that both Java and C# are lower on the list than PHP ... with EE4J/Swing and the .NET framework respectively, these languages are still very likely to be seen in mature enterprises. The wording of the article makes me think that start-ups and small companies were surveyed (versus the Fortune 500).

Don't get me wrong, I'm a long-time Java developer and I've moved into mostly programming in Go the last two years. If I was going to stay on the EE4J platform for the long-term, I think I'd be learning Kotlin (I took the Coursera class on Scala a long time ago but never had a chance to use it). Kotlin feels like writing Python.

Note that I think the long-term prospects for the JVM and .NET are poor since they're such hogs when run in a containerized environment. Perhaps improvements with projects like GraalVM will save them?

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