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Studio Ghibli suddenly makes 38 albums of anime music available for streaming (soranews24.com)
253 points by ilikepi 36 days ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 41 comments

Joe Hisaishi is one of the best composers, and a big part of the Ghibli charm. Anyone who hasn't had the pleasure yet should definitely check out his work, in any way you can!

[0] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Joe_Hisaishi

[1] https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=Joe+Hisaishi

I agree. This is one of my favorite Hisaishi pieces outside of his Ghibli compositions:


Good movie as well.

One of my favorite non-anime films "Kikujiro" has the sweetest theme melody: "Summer" by Joe Hisaishi


This has been geofenced to very few countries. God, I hope geofencing in the media market. It's so last-century. I understand it's all about price-segmentation and it helps producers, but it's so impractical, annoying, philosophically anti-internet, and it just pushes people into piracy. The anime market is a typical example of this. I understand Ghibli's protection of their status (they are, effectively, the "Apple" of animation: high-quality, somewhat-exclusive, and totally unapologetic about their behaviour, particularly after the bad experience working with Disney), but it doesn't help me showing my kids how wonderful their art is.

Given that they are in the midst of releasing practically their entire catalogue of movies on Netflix I don’t think it is surprising that they are following suit with their music.

Hope it will be available globally on Spotify soon. There’s a lot of goody OST missing on Spotify still

> releasing practically their entire catalogue of movies on Netflix

Except in the US, Canada, and Japan.

They're on HBO Max in the US and Canada.

I’m getting excited for HBO Max, there will finally be a streaming service with quality television and movies (Criterion). HBO is the only video streaming service I pay for.

Here’s a comprehensive list of Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon original series that are HBO level quality:

I'm not the biggest fan of streaming originals, but Netflix has been Best Picture nominated 2 years in a row (Roma, Marriage Story, and The Irishman). And Netflix has pretty much reached parity with HBO in Emmy wins and nominations in the mainline categories.

Seems the trouble is that, in addition to their award nominated material, Netflix also produces a lot of low quality content tailored to niche viewer personas. I wonder if they've ever considered whether or not that hurts their brand more than it helps, or if it's helping more than it hurts?

Why would you care if you don’t watch it? My grocery store sells food I don’t like, along with the food I do; does that hurt its brand?

It makes good things I watch and enjoy. (Net value to me >> 0 )

It makes bad niche things I watch and mostly enjoy. ( Net value to me > 0)

It makes bad other-niche things I never have watched and rarely show up in my recommendations. (Net value to me = 0, +/- the tiny negative of rarely having to /browse past it/).

You’re arguing the negative of 3 is so large that it overwhelms 2, so much so that it subtracts from the value of 1, if I’ve understood you correctly.

I don’t find 3 that big a problem. What I find problematic is /how it identifies 2/.

“Oh, you watched Buffy the Vampire Slayer? Here’s a list of every shitty movie we ever found that had a teenage girl OR a vampire in it.”

It seems to have a very rough idea of tags, and then just show me everything with similar tags. Except the tags only rarely capture what I found attractive in the first place, and “shitty vampire movie” doesn’t do anything for me if my attraction was “witty coming of age series with supernatural overtones”.

There's been some really good stuff on Netflix. Stranger Things and Daredevil, I thought, were of particularly high quality. Heck, I've always hated Daredevil as a character (he's a blind man, and his super power is... he can see), but I was really drawn in by the Netflix series.

There's been some crazy good stuff on HBO (I loved GoT just like everyone else), but to say Netflix doesn't make anything of the quality level HBO puts out is completely untrue, imo.


* Patriot

* The Expanse

* The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel

* The Boys

* Sneaky Pete


* The Last Kingdom

* The Witcher

* Ozark

* Mindhunter

* Altered Carbon

* Narcos

* Narcos: Mexico

* Travelers

* If I Only Hadn’t Met You

* Midnight Diner: Tokyo Stories

* Dark

* Peaky Blinders

Hulu (don’t use it much):

* Catch-22

I'm not sure if Dark is really made by Netflix so much as picked up by Netflix. Same for The Last Kingdom.

On edit: looked up Dark again and I think it is actually a Netflix production as opposed to a foreign series they have rebranded for other regions as their own.

Blu-Ray is truly worth it for these films anyway. They’re available on AppleTV here in Japan, but streaming doesn’t do them justice.

Happy they're finally going to be available for streaming[1]. Studio Ghibli movies are literally the last physical media I still use.

1. Though it'll only be via HBO Max in the US/Canada.

I assumed it would be on Disney+. No?

They no longer have a partnership or whatever their relationship was. GKids now distributes and dubs Ghibli movies for US, but Disney is still the distributor in some regions.

Where is the link?

EDIT: oh apparently it's only on spotify

EDIT2: can't find it on spotify either

EDIT3: AH FUCK IT I'LL USE YOUTUBE https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TK1Ij_-mank

It's for Japan region.

Also I find the word "suddenly" kind of weird, as Japanese companies do this (unlock their popular work/artists in streaming without announcement in advance) semi-frequently.

Just because it's somewhat common for Japanese companies to suddenly release their music doesn't mean it isn't sudden.

They are all available in Apple Music for me with a US account.

And did you know that https://musi.sh allows you to stream music from your apple music account in your browser? Seems relevant here. I use it all the time on linux.

There is now https://beta.music.apple.com/ as well.

Apple Music generally has very good availability of Japanese stuff. Most other random foreign bands I’ve looked up are on there too.

Do you have a link?

I am discovering Studio Ghibli with the release of their movies on Netflix (better late than never) and it is an amazing feeling to watch something making you feel so much while being so different compared to western animation. Kiki's Delivery Service is from 1989 yet the animation, the music, and the topic (a girl becoming a woman via her first job: delivering packages with her cat and flying broom in a city that looks like La Rochelle) could have been made this year.

Really happy that I can now listen to Totoro 's soundtrack on Spotify, the joy of feeling in the Japanese countryside on a hot summer day while being in a rainy European city is priceless.

Anyone else unable to find the Ghibli albums mentioned in the article in Spotify yet? I've tried the desktop and web app to no avail.

All of them are available on Apple Music in Sweden.

Still not totally open out of Japanese market



Looks like only 5 of the 693 tracks are available to most. Perhaps, like people in the reddit thread are guessing, they are only available in Japan.

I can't find them either. I'm wondering if they only released them for streaming in Japan.

Yeah, same in UK. Even the playlist is hard to track down, and it only has 5 songs...

They're available on Apple Music US for those that use the service.


If anyone finds a Google Play / Youtube Music playlist with these could they share it when they're available? I love the music from Studio Ghibli but oftentimes have trouble tracking all of the albums or artists that comprise a list like this.

Yeah, I cannot find any of these albums on Google Play Music in the US. It's frustrating bc I can't find a single article that states if this is a regional thing. Every article just says that it's suddenly available but doesn't say what countries. I'm just going to assume that it's not available in the US yet.

I have most of the soundtracks ripped to MP3 over many years. Some of the standouts I prefer, in no particular order: Princes Mononoke, Spirited Away, Porto Rosso, Howls Moving Castle.

Some of the newer movies I haven’t had a chance to really sit down and listen to. This was from the era when I was in school and needed study music.

Seems like not available in the US yet

Fake news and lies. Yes I'm a little upset. I got excited and now its just BS.

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