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The nice thing about Bash which can obviously not be said about Python is that Bash scripts will keep working (assuming whatever they call is also there of course) since Bash goes out of its way to preserve backwards compatibility. Considering its legacy, Bash can run scripts more than a decade before Python even existed.

The only other scripting language i know of that has similar backwards compatibility is Tcl. Perhaps Perl too (ignoring Perl 6 that was renamed to something else again due to it being practically a different language).

I guess it's the trade off between backwards compatibility and readability/correctness/maintainability. Both languages will have technical debt overtime. In my opinion, I would much rather have to rarely update python scripts in exchange to for peace of mind that I can fix/update the script as need be. In my experience, *sh scripts can be fragile and hard to ensure correctness.

Having migrated something recently from python2 to python3, I'll take bash. I actually ported two of the three scripts to bash, and the third one I reluctantly moved to python3 (I needed python-pil). String handling in python3 in my opinion is a tire fire compared to bash.

> Perl 6 that was renamed to something else

Indeed, it has been renamed to Raku (https://raku.org using the #rakulang tag on social media).

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