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"Ethos has voluntarily proposed to add an amendment" ...This language is hilarious to me, it suggests that there wasn't a good chance that they would get rejected otherwise.

The thing is, they're trying to add some protections, but I just don't think a private equity company should be able to own .ORG, and they have only provided the vaguest of ideas why I might want them to. "Value-added products and services" sounds like the stuff GoDaddy tries to tack on when I'm trying to check out. If you want me to believe you'll help the .ORG community, tell us your actual concrete plans (with prices).

At the end of the day, I feel like Ethos is now in "as long as we complete the acquisition, we can figure out how to peel back any additional restrictions later".

I completely agree. If I were them I'd do whatever is necessary to get the acquisition out of the spotlight and then claw back every promise over the next few years. I have very little doubt that this won't happen, unfortunately for .org and the internet...

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