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Show HN: Free startup ideas, analysis, validation and first steps
71 points by brianthomas 44 days ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 22 comments
I started a newsletter sending out daily startup ideas. After a year, I transitioned to weekly ideas with more in-depth details.

I recently posted all of them to the website and made them searchable. Check it out and let me know what you think. By providing more than just an idea, my hope is to help someone start their next business.


This reminds me of the "fresh startup ideas" nugget offers:


I remember Nugget. It was a nice idea, but they pushed the paid version and it just didn't feel like it added enough value for the price.

I've recently launched Webase [1] as a platform to test building apps without writing any code.

One BIG key to any startup idea is getting feedback as quickly as possible and ideally with writing a lot of code.

[1] https://www.webase.com

Agreed on nugget. I didn't signup myself and I heard the same from others.

Interesting concept with webase. I'd build a two-sided marketplace template, I do more of those in my agency than anything else

Nugget was part of my inspiration to starting this. I liked the concept but it lacked depth.

We do have very similar copy... too bad it's not converting that well. I'm changing it soon

By make them searchable I think the author means - make you search for the list because they buried it in a footer and you have to scroll through a long page trying to convince you to give them your email.

I'm also curious about the Y Combinator logo on the page. Does that mean they are sponsored by? Ideas have lead to startups that are? Or they started a thread here?

Yaaassss. Gimme your email :) It's free and a good community, I've connected a few freelancers from email relationships.

More like "as seen on" Y Combinator. In a thread. That someone else posted. That I paid for.

Sorry but it's spammy. Your home page makes me think the value is me and my information. Especially considering the newsletter sponsorship option where you sell communication with your subscribers.

The ideas page would possibly make me think you might be the value. Unless you don't think the ideas you make available are strong enough to entice people.

I would have had more interest if you made the ideas page the home page and make the home page a linked why you should join page. But maybe that's just me and you have stats that show you have higher conversion of visitors to subscribers the way it is. If you don't then maybe do some A/B testing.

You're right on many fronts! Much like facebook, if it's free, you're the one being sold.

I'm with you 100% but this does work, much better... unfortunately. Do I think the ideas provide enough value? Yes. Would people give their email after getting all that value? No.

Yes, I have split tested "spammy" user acquisition funnels across multiple industries for myself and clients... spammy always wins. Ecomm - 12 question "application" to apply for membership beat out direct to sale nearly 3x. SaaS - Value based informational lead magnet lost to a "magic bullet" nearly 5x.

There was some youtube guy that had woodworking videos and he didn't take off until he started click bait style headlines and intros. "Do I want to dumb down my content? No but this is a business" around 2:20 - worth a watch: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7i1IOO6g0vc&list=LLgaoLVka3C...

I wish the "spammy" intro didn't work exponentially better. I love writing the content and do believe it provides value. I've formed some pretty solid internet relationships with people from this newsletter. I had a weekly hangouts with a guy from automattic because we got along so well - started from an email reply to one of my ideas.

As I tell my employees and friends that have similar views on the spammy nature - congrats, you're in the 1%, you understand and see the marketing tactics. I hope you can get past it and look at the end value that's provided by my service and others. We'd probably get along in real life if we ever meet. Hopefully someday.


Fair enough. Thanks for sharing the video.

I think using their logo based on the premise you posted a thread on a public forum is a bit disingenuous.

Fair point. I see the difference between yc and hn... adjusted the logo to fit. thanks!

What do you think of the site and the content?

Looks awesome :)

Thanks! :)

Are you saying you paid someone to post for you on HN?

I was exaggerating in that reply. People have organically posted about this here so the logo recognition is appropriate. I did change the logo to HN from YC as someone suggested. I have paid contractors and employees for social media marketing and they have probably posted here.

I remember signing up to this when it was posted before [1]. Still enjoy reading the interesting ideas in an email every week.

Thanks guys!

[1] https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=17248008

Thanks! Glad you like it :)

This is brillant! I just subscribed

Awesome, best of luck!


Love this idea!


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