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For-profit firm seeking to run .org names makes concessions (apnews.com)
16 points by mikecarlton 39 days ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 4 comments

These are not very meaningful concessions. They will just appoint an advisory committee of their friends, who will then rubber-stamp anything that gets put to them. They can’t even veto price increases, and the 10% annual increase cap (which is still way too much) expires after just 8 years.

There is no way this highly corrupt transaction should be allowed to go through.

There are two key questions. To start, a secretive private company decided to spend 1.14 billion dollars to buy the .org domain. The first question is what is it going to do with .org that the company thinks could pay off its investment and make a good profit.

The second question is what effect would all that profit-making activity have on the internet, in particular on organizations that reasonably want to own a .org url?

What I would like to know is if the Internet Society even considered these questions.


> To address concerns, Ethos agreed Friday to limit price hikes to an average of 10% per year for eight years

    $ echo 1.1^8 | bc 
Nice concession.

It makes me kinda mad how it seems like Capitalism more and more isn't about providing goods and services but inserting extractive industries anywhere possible. The reason Capitalism was such a success for the past few hundred years was that it was laser-focused on providing better and better products and services to the market. This is not the way forward for human society.

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