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Why not? This makes government more efficient, and they’ll be storing the documentation electronically somewhere.

I say this as someone cautiously optimistic about government improving its technology service delivery. We should be cheering efficiency, not nitpicking it.

Because even though it’s stored electronically the best and the brightest aren’t allowed to work on these systems. They have regular downtime.

Ohio crashes their system at least once a year: https://www.cleveland.com/open/2018/08/ohio_bmv_computer_pro...

What efforts have you made to be involved with the development or improvement of such systems?

How on earth does this make government in any way more efficient?

I ask this as someone appreciative of government in general.

I don't want government surveillance of its citizenry to become more efficient.

Identity management is a critical component of government. The days of living off the grid no longer exist.

Would you argue against a passport or drivers license?

you can make a perfectly reasonable case that a drivers license is a stupid choice for a de facto state ID instead of being merely permission to operate a motor vehicle.

Indeed. A national ID card with a driving endorsement would be far superior, and is the direction we’re headed. Your driver’s license is already a national ID technically with REAL ID requirements, and if you’re a truck driver with a hazmat endorsement, you’re going through DHS anyway.

Sidenote: Love the username reference.

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