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Oracle employees walk out over Ellison’s Trump fundraiser (arstechnica.com)
20 points by edgefield0 44 days ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 3 comments

I don’t think many people with strong moral-tech compasses join oracle, so the small walk out sounds about right.

When I worked at Oracle no one I interacted with even knew about the shady stuff oracle has and is currently doing. (Except for casually joking about Larry’s eccentric billionaire faults).

"Oracle now says this was an accident. According to a spokesperson, the site was temporarily flagged by anti-virus software but was whitelisted once the issue was noticed."

stuff like this makes my blood boil. it's obvious that this is just a legal defense, but it feels so insulting to the reader/listener.

I have a hard time reconciling working for Oracle/Ellison and being that sensitive to ethical issues.

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