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I went to a bootcamp with an ISA. I'm thankful for the temporary relief it offered, but I'm almost positive most of the students in my cohort don't have coding jobs right now. I'm convinced the low admission standards ("Never code before? Do this module of Ruby.") and the ISA demotivated them to always keep learning and hustle their way into interviews, which is what everyone who learns MVC app development in three months will need to do.

Anecdotally, the older or previously successful students who could keep up went on to succeed, but these people already knew how to hustle. Bootcamp can't teach people how to hustle.

(I learned to hustle after previously participating in an even bigger scam - a state school humanities undergraduate education. ... )

What job and salary did this state school humanities degree promise?

I don’t know, I’m not a genius, but I kinda figured which majors may not help me in the economy.

It's clearer now, definitely. This was in the late 90s and both my parents were humanities academics.

I ended up getting a master's in English and taught essay writing for a while. Many decisions later, I work as security analyst and end up writing a lot on the job, so I like to think things have worked out. I guess. I wish I knew C and more low level cs concepts like some of my coworkers.

It's not too late to learn. Just start playing around with stuff

Yeah. You could take just a single intro to cs class (or c)and go from there. Programming has so much demand you can start later in life than probably any other field.

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