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Looks like there has been some departures in their senior leadership in the wake of continuing fallout from the NYMag article, and this announcement might be an attempt to overshadow that


Adam left because he had a number of serious illnesses happen in his family and (thanks to previous success) has the luxury not to need to work full-time and can focus on his family. We’ve always upheld that family is more important than Lambda School and are fully supportive. He’s still staying in as an advisor just not in a full-time role.

Jeff started as an investor in Lambda School but fell so in love with the company he came aboard full-time. After a couple months he realized he couldn’t do both investing and full-time work simultaneously, and decided to focus on investing with my full blessing.

Those two leaving had exactly 0% to do with any news articles.

Austen, I think what your company is doing to help folks become developers is rather rad. Starting your response by laughing off concerns like this OP shared is not good.

Fair, will edit. It’s a shock of genuine amazement that that’s become the narrative.

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