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If you actually read up on Somalia you'll find that in many places they're actually doing just fine with no government. The places with problems are 1) the places controlled by the pretend government, and 2) the places where UN&co try to hand out aid.

And if you actually GO to Somalia you'll find that there are many places that are NOT doing fine.

When I read someone saying 'many places are fine', that seems to directly imply that most places are not. This isn't a counterargument. Is he actually wrong? He's certainly getting downvoted a lot and I hope it's not just because someone didn't like the wording.

I think the down voting is due to the perceived extrapolation of 'I've read a bunch of slanted online content and it seems that Somalia is doing great without any government oversight'...sure, so try living there and see how awesome no government can be.

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