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Connecting to Active Directory in Java: Still a Sorry State of Affairs (thewonggei.wordpress.com)
8 points by thewonggei on Feb 18, 2011 | hide | past | web | favorite | 4 comments

JNDI is ugly, but after some trying around it generally does what its supposed to. I tried the Apache LDAP API and it is by far easier, but the "experimental"-state was a turnoff for me.

The nicest solution is Spring LDAP, but it requires the spring jars, which can be a bit too heavy, if you dont have it on your CP already and just want to connect to an AD without adding Spring to your project.

I agree on JNDI, which is why I believe few have pursued another option. Thanks for the reminder about the Spring LDAP library. I came across that as well and had to reject it for the reason you stated. We don't already use Spring and I didn't want to import all that extra code. I'll update my posting and mention the Spring option.

I believe Oracle dropped OpenDS. Forgerock took the opportunity and renamed it to OpenDJ: http://www.forgerock.com/opendj.html

Thanks for the tip jhawk28. I did a little digging around on ForgeRock's site and updated my blog post: http://wp.me/paAae-3H.

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