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This is a great project. I've put it on my old tablet and it's surprisingly quick. Sadly, it's an old ARMv7 chip so there's not a lot of Alpine packages compiled for it and the graphics aren't hardware accelerated; would be nice to run Firefox...

I wish manufacturers would upstream their changes but that's probably never going to happen. Now my tablet is running Linux 3.0 so it won't even boot systemd let alone anything that requires GPU acceleration.

I also noticed the weird partition schema Android uses (6 different partitions larger than 100MB on my tablet) doesn't play well with normal operating systems. I don't know how many partitions are required to get the system booting so I can't really remove any.

That all being said, the devices running mainline are doing great on pmOS. I admire the people who build on the open source GPU code, I'd have no idea where to even start working on something like that.

I hope this project will be as successful as some of the custom ROM communities in a few years time when the project has had time to smoothen things out.

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