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So the original blog title is:

3 Things To Know For Your First Remote Job.

And it is really just three things. - Know your timezones - Map your day in blocks of time - Know your tools (chat, documentation etc.)

Well that might work for some type of jobs, I know for mine that I need a little more. "Map your day in blocks of time" would be all cool when there are no timezones to worry about. Cool when you can claim you do meetings just 3 hours a day, I know I can not with members all over the globe.

What I needed to find out the hard way, and find myself explaining to new team members is: - Setup your cam so that your background is clean (no roommates / family members entering the picture unintentional) - Get a SUPERB headphone with an EXCELLENT microphone - Turn your mic to MUTE when you are not talking - No, interruptions in a conversation do not work like when face to face, specifically not with more then 2 remote people in the meeting - Wear "professional" clothing (even if it just the shirt) - Do not eat or drink while in a meeting - Your cool click clack keyboard makes a lot of noise - We hear your mother scream in the background - Practice makes perfect: do take some time to setup your cam / mic / background / whatever in a one on one session with a more experienced colleague.

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