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Wasn't there a woman on This American Life who tried to become as close to a real life superhero as possible?

EDIT: Found it. She calls herself Zora. (Which is the name of a character in Powers.) http://www.thisamericanlife.org/radio-archives/episode/178/s...

There are a fairly large number of "real life superheroes," actually (http://reallifesuperheroes.org).

None of them have magical superpowers that let them control the tides or have Adamantium skeletons, but hell, it's something. My particular favourite is Life: http://reallifesuperheroes.org/wiki/index.php?title=Life

Wow. I found this account of her: http://www.audiojournal.com/zora.html

She sounds amazing; having achieved an amazing amount (academically a PHD by age 21!). The rest of "The List" is mad.. weapons, vehicle training, politics, history, herbology, various extreme sports.

She did not get a PhD by age 21. She "completed the coursework," which is meaningless. I completed the coursework necessary for a math PhD by age 18 (two years ago), but I am still writing my thesis, which is the important and intellectually significant part; anyone can take classes.

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