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I really feel like the E-Ink invention has been mismanaged. These things should literally be everywhere by now and performing all kinds of functions. I want one as a second screen and to do most of my development on it. Maybe have a second one for pulling up documentation. Does anyone know why it has taken so long for these to go to market except, basically, for e-readers? Someone I know uses one of these as their main screen. They said it was like their computer was speaking in an inside voice as opposed to shouting at them.

I remember reading a bit about it. Supposedly the company that produced the displays was pretty stingy with the technology. Unwilling to sell predict to you unless you were manufacturing in very large numbers (like e-readers) That's hearsay of course, take it with a grain of salt

>speaking in an inside voice as opposed to shouting at them

Now that's a way to put it! We were also perplexed while doing research initially as to why aren't these displays used more widely. One of the issues was cost and limited suppliers. So thought this might be a good thing to work on

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