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Here's some hopefully constructive feedback.

The RGB LED looks jarring against monochrome e-ink screen. It also gives impression of cheap electronics, and rough 3d printed case doesn't help. The e-ink feels elegant, solid (no flickering) and timeless, while LED is nervous, overly bright and loud. If you really need a LED, put a white one.

Maybe try to prototype audiophile hi-fi style case. Something wooden or even black glass. It would raise the price but there is obviously large interest.

The site doesn't give any information on programming, only that UART-USB is included. Is it serving web page? Can it execute user binaries? Is some GUI toolkit supported? Without providing this info you can hardly claim it's hackable.

If you checkout their hackaday and github page it seems to be programmable with arduino. [EDIT] links: https://github.com/rgujju/paperdink https://hackaday.io/project/168668-paperdink

That was surely insightful. We'll test with a white LED.

And we're working on the binaries and GUI, it seems like current hardware won't be able to serve web pages.

Why do you need an LED at all?

Fully agree. A white LED might be better, as long as is for notifications only. There's no need for having a constant light otherwise (that's the beauty of eink)

we're tinkering around designs, will check without LED too

A red LED is better IMO. Especially in the dark of night. A dim red LED is preferable to a blue LED

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