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Unfortunately our website crashed and we're fixing it.

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=srrAUOsWHMs&t=3s

User Research Typeform: https://prasad463729.typeform.com/to/cmp81P

Hackaday: https://hackaday.io/project/168668-paperdink

Github: https://github.com/rgujju/paperdink

Specs: Monochrome, 4.2", 400x300 resolution

We're looking at a selling price of $59 currently however there's a lot of scope to improve further. Looking at crowdfunding and other options for funding.

Lastly, this is the first time we've posted on HN so please bear with me if there were any novice mistakes (like spamming link/lines in every comment, which has been rectified now).

Thanks for all the support and feedback coming in!

Have you shared this on /r/HomeAutomation and /r/HomeAssistant?

Much less technical crowd in general than HN, but framing old tablets (as informational displays of 'smart home' state etc.) is quite popular, and I think your project is much more suited to it: much lower-power (such a device is only useful if always-on really), and much less distracting (e-paper not glaring bright colourful iPad or whatever).

Looks great, I'd definitely be interested at $59 (in £) if it's sufficiently/easily enough hackable!

Check this out: https://homey.ink

Ah, making it run on Kobo is a neat solution, I didn't think of that.

Hadn't heard of Homey.app that that's for, but yes I guess what I'm suggesting is that Paperd.ink could be a good 'that, but for people that DIY with HomeAssistant/OpenHAB/whatever'.

Absolutely, this project has a great DIY vibe and might be better suited to build into the wall.

Using a Kobo eReader on the other hand is a great purpose for when you’re not using it. Now when I leave for holiday I just take it from the wall :)

Have posted on couple of others, will check these out

Are you guys located in Pune? Could help you demonstrate this product at a small scale IOT meetup in in the city if you are interested. Left a comment on your YouTube.

Can you write to me on prasad[at]paperd[dot]ink? Or let me know what's the best way to connect

Hi, this looks interesting. What are the specs? Physical size and pixel resolution width * height? Number of levels of grey?

I spotted a couple of typos in the initial message in the setup screen: "Lets setup" should be "Let's set up". ("let's" = "let us", but "lets" = "allows", and "setup" is the noun but "set up" is the verb form.)

Have updated the specs. Thanks for pointing out, typos seem to be a careless mistake.

im in the market for a 20~40 dol e ink, delivered in EU, programmable screen that could last unmaintened for 6-12 months at a 1/day refresh rate. Should be in the 12x12 cm surface and needs to showcase a ~15 characters simple QR code.

nice to have : JavaScript programmable

Any experience with that ?

This eink display[1] from taobao is 7.5" and 800x480 resolution with a price of CNY 375(USD 53.67).

1. https://detail.tmall.com/item.htm?id=611687850885

Also available on ebay for 59.99 along with hardware to connect it to a raspberry pi.

edit: Of course all you get is the display. Paperd comes with a battery, esp32, buttons and so on plus I'm guessing examples of how to code the things.

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